Darjan Panic

Creative Lead

Award winning designer

Darjan Panic

Personal bio

Darjan was born in Maribor, the second biggest city in Slovenia (and whose claim to fame is the oldest grape vine in the world) but spent the first five years of his life in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. After finishing high school in Maribor, Darjan joined the Faculty of Law at the University of Maribor with the aim of becoming a lawyer. Although at the time he was already doing some freelance webpage design, Darjan didn’t think that freelance web design could support him as a full time job.

A year into his law studies, Darjan faced an important exam, the preparation for which required reading a 600 page long book. Leafing through the book, he realized with dismay that it contained not one single picture, let alone even a hint of colour. There was not even a graph or table in sight. It was at this point that Darjan realized that he needed to get out of there and start using his creative talent to bring some colour to the world!

After a few years of studying with the Media Communications faculty, Darjan joined a well-known Slovenian advertising agency as a junior designer whilst continuing his freelance work. After several years, his path led him to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana where he opened his own design studio. Despite such an achievement, he was still in search of a good mentor who would help him take his design skills to another level. In Slovenia’s best design studio IlovarStritar, Darjan not only found the mentor that he was looking for, but great friends, and in two years his design talents grew greatly.

Always seeking to improve and further himself as a designer, Darjan began to consider the possibility of moving away from Slovenia to see where his design skills could take him. In trying to decide between London and Berlin as his destination of choice, it was his freelance work for Twist that took him to the UK when an opportunity to come on board as a Creative Lead was offered to him (very happy with his skills, MoreNiche wanted to snap him up before Berlin could!). So, in September 2014, Darjan moved to Nottingham, home of MoreNiche HQ.

Ironically, Darjan was a MoreNiche affiliate back in 2004, and it was through the earnings he made as an affiliate that he was able today for his scholarship to become a designer.


What is your favourite film?

The Pursuit of Happiness

Who is your childhood hero?


Where is your favourite place?

Where my friends are

What qualifications do you hold?

None actually. I’m a self-taught multidisciplinary want to know it all kind of guy. But I am finishing my media communication diploma (slowly)

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I’ve been playing ice hockey for 13 years

What is your favourite Picture/Image?

Milton Glaser’s Wolf Trap poster – I even have a signed 1982 original


Do you have children/pets? Tell us about them:

Not that I know of

What would you like to be when you grow up?


How would your best friend describe you?

“Drinking Brother”

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I won a Magdalena Festival design award for a webpage (that’s a big international festival of Creative Communication held in Maribor every year)

If you could recommend one website online, what would it be and why?


The world’s best site for everything related to design, be it web, print, apps or art. It’s a great resource for inspiration or for just keeping up with the evolution of design