Rachel Ashmore

Affiliate Manager

Telescopes at the ready...

Rachel Ashmore

Personal bio

Rachel was born and bred in Nottinghamshire, and has only ever left the county for three years to attend the University of Lincoln where she studied Media Production. Never losing interest in her chosen subject, she still gets involved in various media projects in her spare time; recent ones have included a science fiction short film competition and a music video for a local band.

After graduating from University, Rachel’s first job was teaching radio production in schools with the aim of improving student’s literacy and boosting their confidence. Joining the company at its inception, Rachel drafted a four-day adaptable learning program that could be used by all students from nursery to sixth-form age in any school. The highlight of this job, Rachel says, was the reward of seeing shy children come into their own during the programme and completing the experience by broadcasting a live radio show to the school and their parents.

In early 2013, Rachel took on the role of Account Manager with an affiliate marketing company where she managed a network of affiliates and merchants. As a small company employing just three members of staff, strong organisational skills and fast-learning was required in order to deal with the varied responsibilities the role required – skills that she fortunately excels in. Roles as a Marketing Copywriter and Coordinator with a national membership scheme and as a training provider in the building services industry followed, before Rachel finally joined MoreNiche in October 2014 as an Affiliate Manager.

When she’s not in the office, Rachel loves to be outside both day and night with either her camera or telescope in hand, and is equally passionate about the digital world and where it’s going to take us next!


What is your favourite film?

If I had to choose I suppose it would be Pulp Fiction, but this answer would probably change weekly

Who is your childhood hero?

A bit of a weird one… Mitch from Baywatch! I loved that show

Where is your favourite place?

St Ives, Cornwall

What qualifications do you hold?

BA Hons in Media Production

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I knocked my sister out when I was 5 and she was 8 with a swift punch to the chest. I’ve since learned to take a more rational approach to resolving any disagreements!

What is your favourite Picture/Image?

A photo of one of my cats, Ron, sitting in the tumble dryer looking rather imperious

Ron in Washing Machine

Do you have children/pets? Tell us about them:

Ron and Emily are my two cats, both very different in nature. Emily is an affectionate old tabby and Ron, a ginger tom, is the epitome of indifference!

What would you like to be when you grow up?


How would your best friend describe you?

Mum! I cook for them, fix anything broken and I’m not afraid to tell them off if they need it!

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Getting a 1st at University

If you could recommend one website online, what would it be and why?


‘The front page of the internet’ an enormous online community of people sharing and discussing the most diverse range of topics you could imagine via various ‘subreddits’. My favourite subreddit is TIL (Today I Learned) where you can pick up the most unusual and surprising pieces of information

What is your favourite drink?