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Affiliate Spotlight on: Ernst


Ernst 10X'd his earnings after switching to MoreNiche from another network


My name’s Ernst Peibst and I became a MoreNiche affiliate almost exactly two years ago. Before joining MoreNiche, I was earning around $1,000 a month as an affiliate on another network. However, since joining MoreNiche, my earnings have gone up 10x. I’ve even made four figures in 24 hours on several occasions:

Affiliate Rankings

On the day I earned approximately $1.49k, I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Disney World, Florida. Some people say affiliates can make money in their sleep. Well I was sleeping and on holiday at the same time!

As a result of these commissions I’ve often been ranked as the number one affiliate on the MoreNiche network. This is an unbelievable feeling, with there being over 200,000 competing affiliates.

It’s important to note that 90% of this money was earned on autopilot, with me doing little work once my sites were set up and ranking.

From there it was just a case of me maintaining my rankings and keeping the money rolling in.

So, you’re probably wondering how on earth a twenty two year old is able to earn such large amounts of money on autopilot?

If you weren’t wondering this then…

Feel free to leave

Unless you’re Bill Gates.

…in which case I promise not to cry if you don’t read my article Bill.


I’m not going to reveal the site that made me all of these commissions, for maximum privacy.

But don’t despair, because I will give you my step-by-step super affiliate formula so too you can experience similar success.


Life is about doing what you love. So my first piece of advice is to promote an affiliate product that you genuinely like, or even better, love.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”

I’m a massive fan of bodybuilding, so it was only natural for me to pick CrazyBulk as a merchant to promote. Bodybuilding supplements that’ll help you build muscle and burn fat – pretty cool.

Also, their offer of: ‘Earn 100% commission on one weekend every month’ didn’t exactly make me run a mile.


So after picking a merchant to promote, you should do some keyword research.

I personally use to help me see what key phrases people type into Google and how many people search for it. This then allows me to type that key phrase into Google myself and see what the competition looks like for that term.

Naturally, you’ll find that very authoritative sites will sit at the top of Google for key phrases getting a tonne of searches every month. These sites will take some beating.

And then some key phrases will have very little competition, but there are such small amounts of searches for them that even getting to the top of Google wouldn’t result in many commissions.

So the art to this is finding the perfect balance: a key term with a good amount of searches, but not overwhelming competition.

So let’s do some keyword research as if we were going to promote CrazyBulk. If you didn’t already know, CrazyBulk sell ‘legal steroids’ – which essentially are supplements mimicking the effects of anabolic steroids.

So if we type ‘steroids’ into keyword eye, here’s what we get:

Keyword Eye

So anabolic steroids comes up with 33,100 searches – that’s a lot.

So in order to check out the competition of this search term in Google, we need to type this into the search engine too.

Here’s what comes up:

Google anabolic steroids

From this we can tell straight away that ‘anabolic steroids’ will be an incredibly difficult search term to rank for, as Wikipedia (one of the most authoritative sites on the whole web) is third.

So let’s have a look at the competition for ‘legal steroids’ instead, which has 18,100 searches per month – still a lot of searches.

Looking at the sites in the top five positions, these are certainly beatable if you do some really good SEO over the course of six to twelve months. If you can get into the top three spots on a very targeted keyphrase like this, you should be earning five figures a month.

Alternatively, you can target less competitive key phrases and earn small amounts of money quickly, due to low competition.


In terms of picking a domain name, you have two options:

  • A brandable domain
  • A keyword domain

A brandable domain name is one that is catchy, memorable and doesn’t have any keywords that you’d like to rank for in the title. So a cool, brandable domain name in the bodybuilding niche could be As in ‘Wow, he’s jacked!’ and ‘He’s natural (not on steroids)’.


  • Easier to gain links
  • Less spammy looking
  • Easier to remember/repeat visitors

An exact match domain name is one that contains keyphrases in the actual domain name itself. Here are some examples of key phrases and exact match domains to compliment them:

“Best steroids for bulking” –

“Best steroids for cutting” –

“Steroids to get ripped” –

“Steroids for weight loss” –

“Steroids for muscle growth” –


  • They rank higher than non-keyword domain names as google sees them as more relevant
  • They may receive higher click through rates due to increased relevancy

So there’s no right or wrong domain to choose. It depends on the individual webmaster.

Generally though, brandable domain names are a safe bet, because with an authoritative website you can rank for multiple key phrases instead of setting up a domain to rank for just one or two.

If you aren’t very good at link building then an exact match domain may be beneficial to you, as it’ll need less links to rank.

However, if you write really good content then you shouldn’t waste this on an exact match domain as it’ll be hard for your articles to attract links, as people are much less likely to link to a keyword rich domain name (spammy looking).

Some people choose to have a partial-keyword rich domain name, with being a good example of this. Partial-match domain names enable a site to rank easier and they don’t look spammy. In this example, the domain will be able to rank more easily for multiple search terms with the word ‘steroids’ in.

However, it won’t rank as well for ‘legal steroids’, as say, an exact match domain.

Once you’ve decided on your domain name, you can set up your site. I set up all my websites with WordPress. It’s free and easy to manage for non-HTML experts.


This is by far the most important piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

You could literally have the greatest website ever created, but nobody will know about it unless it ranks on Google.

Ranking in Google is a bit of a science, and only the guys at Google HQ know the exact algorithm. However, others like myself, who follow Google’s guidelines have a rough idea of what’ll rank and what won’t.

So here’s my checklist for getting ranked in Google:

  • Make sure the key phrase is in the meta title
  • Make sure the key phrase is in the meta description
  • Make sure the key phrase is in the meta keyword tag
  • Build authority links to your blog

It’s pretty much as simple as that.

…but before you rush off registering one hundred different domain names, it’s a little more tricky than it sounds. Well, the first three points are easy but number four is going to take a bit more effort.

You can download the ‘All in one SEO plugin’ to insert your key phrase into the title, description and keyword sections. Job done, easy peasy.

Now here’s the much harder task:


The more (high quality) links that point to your website, the higher it will rank in Google. And the specific links you’re looking for are ‘do-follow’ links which pass 100% link juice, as opposed to ‘no-follow’ links. You know, the ones that you get for simply commenting on blogs/forums (they don’t work).

Here are some of the link building methods I use to create an authoritative website:

  • Guest posting
  • Directories
  • Building relationships
  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is the greatest and easiest way to build authoritative links back to your website. Although it’s the easiest tactic, it certainly isn’teasy. And if done wrong your site can even get penalized.

If you didn’t already know, a guest post involves you writing an article on somebody else’s website, and in return you’ll usually get a ‘do follow’ link back to your website.

The key with guest posts is to write super high quality articles (like this one!), that’ll add value to readers’ lives. And this should be done on authoritative blogs only (don’t waste your awesome content on weak blogs to get a rubbish backlink).

It works better when guest posts are done on sites in your niche too.

Refrain from using exact-match anchor text in your guest posts, as Google are clamping down on this tactic, seeing it as over optimization. Instead, use your website name or generic anchor text such as ‘click here’ or ‘my blog’ etc.

Also, don’t use duplicate crappy content for guest posts, as Google are looking out for these like a hawk and they’ll be quick to penalize sites doing this just to get a backlink.


Directories can also give your site a massive boost in the SERP’S (search engine results page).

Be sure to only submit your websites to high quality directories that review submissions diligently.

Directories such as BOTW and JOEAnt are worth your money. Also, niche-specific directories are worth being included in, as they’ll be very relevant to your site. Ones to avoid are weak directories that don’t have much authority and will link to any old Tom, Dick or Harry.

As a rule of thumb, the harder it is to get a link, the better it will be at propelling your site to the first page of Google.


This is also a great method of link building. How do you build relationships? Good news is, even if you’re the Dexter Morgan of the SEO world, it’s easy to connect with people and fit in because… you don’t actually have to physically speak to anyone.

Building relationships

All you’re doing is shooting emails across to people.

So how do you connect?

  • Mention them in a blog comment
  • Reach out to them

One tactic I like using is to naturally mention another website in a positive way in your articles. I naturally link out to a relevant article that’ll help add value to the topic of conversation.

Building relationships

In the screenshot above I’m talking about how having intercourse can increase testosterone. So I link out to an article where it teaches you how to be successful with women.

This improves the reader’s experience and helps you build a relationship with other webmasters.

Make sure you email the website you mention after you publish the post to make them aware. A quick “Hey, I mentioned you in this post. Let me know what you think!” should do the job. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to link to you because you’ve done something nice for them.


So now you know the basics of how to create an authoritative blog and build quality links allowing you to rank highly in Google. Once you’ve achieved this, be sure to add affiliate links to your site and promote a product that you love (and pays well!).