The Affiliate Summit is a well-known and well-respected affiliate conference held biannually at two US venues. Affiliate Summit East is held in New York and Affiliate Summit West takes place at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas. MoreNiche are going to the Big Apple on July 30th 2017!

This article aims to give you more details about the event, such as training sessions and where our stand will be. It’s not too late to buy a ticket and take your affiliate business to the next level. We recently held a raffle giving away five Networking Plus Passes, so get in touch to see if we still have one going free!


Affiliate Summit New YorkI am sure many affiliate marketers will have already heard of Affiliate Summit. I feel it’s the biggest conference specifically catering for affiliates and as such, is very affiliate focused. The problem with many digital marketing events is that they aren’t just centred around affiliates, so if you’re wanting more affiliate-oriented training and networking sessions, they are not ideal.

Affiliate Summit however, is aimed at the affiliate marketing world. It offers:

  • Trade show areas where you will be able to find other affiliates, merchants, networks, service providers and more. Three large areas where you will be able to speak to other affiliates, check out the range of merchants and potentially find a service to help boost your affiliate activities.
  • A wide range of training sessions aimed at growing your affiliate business. In addition to the trade show areas, there are some excellent training sessions – something that I’m sure all affiliates will benefit from. These training sessions are perfect for helping you to reach the next step in your affiliate venture. See below for more details on recommended sessions.
  • Networking events to get to know other affiliates and us! Affiliate marketing can be a lonely business, sitting in front of the computer for hours on end. At these networking events you’ll be able to meet with other affiliates and networks to share experiences, get to know each other and have a few drinks.


You can arrive on July 29th to do the early check-in as well as attend a networking event for introverts. Sunday July 30th is the first day of sessions and when the exhibit hall opens. The last day of the event is August 1st.

Affiliate Summit East is held in New York at the New York Marriott Marquis hotel.


It is possible to book the New York Marriott Marquis and I believe all attendees get a discount, although it does increase its prices due to the conference. If you’re looking for an alternative, the options below might be worth thinking about:

New York Marriott Marquis – Check availability here.

New York Marriott Marquis

Sanctuary Hotel – Check availability here.

This is the hotel where we have chosen to stay. It’s only a four-minute walk to the conference, so distance-wise it’s perfect. If you are thinking about staying here, let us know and we can meet up and take advantage of the rooftop bar!

Sanctuary Hotel New York

CitizenM New York Times Square Hotel – Check availability here.

Although I haven’t visited this one before, I have stayed at another CitizenM hotel. I love their décor, and the rooms are excellent with your own colour-changing room lights. This hotel is roughly a six-minute walk from the conference, so again very convenient.

CitizenM New York Times Square Hotel

Distrikt Hotel New York City – Check availability here.

When I came to New York in 2014 for my honeymoon, we stayed at the Distrikt hotel. It’s a decent hotel – basic, but has everything you need for a decent night’s sleep. The only drawback is that there is nowhere to eat at the actual hotel, although there are plenty of places nearby. And it’s only an 11-minute walk to the New York Marriott Marquis.

These four hotels are my personal recommendations, however there are plenty of others around the ten-minute walk range from the event. I’d personally try to make sure you go to one that’s close by.

Distrikt Hotel New York City


Affiliate Summit East is a three-day event, so you therefore need to try and get the most out of the experience. There are normally around three to four sessions on at the same time, so picking the best ones for you will help you get more value from the conference.

Below are some suggestions on what not to miss.

July 29th

12pm – 8pm: Early Check-in

With well over 5,000 people attending, there are going to be some serious queues on the 30th. I imagine it will still be fairly busy on the 29th, but if you are in New York then, I really would recommend registering early!

5pm – 6pm: Networking for Introverts
One of the most important and beneficial elements of a conference such as this is networking. It’s possible to strike up some great business relationships, as well as learn new things from other marketers. But it can also be quite a daunting experience for those who are not overly confident, so this little workshop will be perfect for you if you sometimes struggle with meeting new people. It will give you some great tips and exercises to help you network.

July 30th

10am – 10:30am: First-Timer Orientation
If this is the first time you have been to Affiliate Summit, this session is perfect for finding out how you can get the most out of the event.

12:30pm – 1pm: How Affiliate Businesses Can Pay Just 4% Tax
Understandably you want to be able to keep as much of your commission as possible. The more you have, the more you can invest into developing your business further. This session reveals how affiliates can set up their businesses in Puerto Rico and pay only 4% Corporation Tax.

2pm – 3pm: 7-Figure Blogging: You Ask, We answer!
Find out how to build a successful business through blogging with advice from four well-known and successful bloggers.
4pm – 4:30pm: Social Media: What’s Working and What’s Not?
Don’t spend hours and hours on content for your social platforms that’s not going to engage your followers. Learn which types of content will help.
4:45pm – 5:15pm: The First Date Theory – How to Write Seductive Sales Copy
Copywriting skills take time to learn, but these skills are essential as they can help boost your conversions. Discover how you can make people eager to order right away due to your red-hot sales copy!

July 31st

10am – 11am: Automate Your Super Affiliate Empire
We all want to expand our businesses and try to automate some tasks along the way. Doing so allows us to work on additional sites and earn even more. This session will teach you how to automate commission.

10am – 11am: Affiliates and Affiliate Managers: A Show in Partnership
The relationship between affiliate and affiliate managers at MoreNiche is very important to us. It is essential to help with mutual success. This session provides advice on communication and goal setting, and also gives practical tips.

2pm – 2:30pm: Advanced Email Marketing Strategies For Affiliates
‘The money is in the list’ is a very well-known saying, but not many affiliates seem to make the most out of their email marketing strategies. Learn landing page strategies for best opt-in conversions and how to automate email marketing.

2:45pm – 3:15pm: Wealth Building 101: Put Your Commissions To Work For You
Discover how you can increase your wealth by leveraging your affiliate commissions. This session will hopefully show you how you can reach your financial goals.

3:30pm – 4pm: The Guide to Native Advertising For Affiliate Marketers
Looking to learn how you can become successful at native advertising? This session will help you to understand consumer behaviour and help increase revenue. Well worth attending if you want to discover more about paid options.

August 1st

10am – 11am: Double Your Blog Traffic in 90 Days
Learn how you can grow traffic by using platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Also discover how to monetise this new traffic.

Other affiliate-focused sessions for this day are yet to be confirmed. So this will be another excellent chance to have a look around the exhibits.


I am happy to say that we will be having our very own stand. You can find us in the Exhibitor Hall just to the right of the elevators when descending, and our booth number is 1002. Please stop by – it would be great to meet you and have a chat!

Below is a map showing our stand:

Affiliate Summit New York Plan

It would also be good to have a drink with you at the networking events.

Here’s who will be attending:

Martyn Slack – Senior Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager Martyn SlackI will be attending. It’s my first Affiliate Summit and one that I have always wanted to go to, so I’m looking forward to it! As an affiliate manager, I need to make sure I continue to increase my knowledge of the industry in order to help your sales to grow.

You will therefore find me at some of the affiliate-focused seminars and also on the stand. It would be great to meet you and have a chat. We can also hopefully find a quiet time to have a one-to-one about your website if needed.

You can find out more about me here.

Kirstie Gascoyne – Operations Director

Kirstie GascoyneKirstie joined the team in 2014 as Head of Client Services, managing the affiliate side of the business. She therefore has a lot of experience on MoreNiche’s Affiliate Management side.

In January 2015, Kirstie moved to the role of Operations Direction. It is now her responsibility to oversee MoreNiche’s day-to-day operations. So she has a real interest in hearing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on MoreNiche and what we offer.

Find out more about Kirstie here.


Rui Matos – Conversion Specialist

Rui MatosRui originally joined MoreNiche as an affiliate manager and therefore has a lot of experience on the affiliate side of the business. He has a great passion for conversions and for sharing his knowledge on what can dramatically help improve the conversion rates of a website. He has therefore become our Conversion Specialist, working with advertisers/merchants to improve their conversion rates.

Find out more about Rui here.


Daniel Lawman – SEO Manager

Daniel LawmanA fairly new addition to the MoreNiche family, Daniel has run into the business head first sharing his incredible knowledge of the SEO world. He is continuing to help share his skill set amongst the team and helping affiliates with their more advanced SEO issues. Daniel also spends a lot of his time working with advertiser/merchants helping to improve their SEO.

Find out more about Daniel here.


It would be great if you wanted to meet up and have a chat or a drink. We will be in New York for the entire event, so there’ll be plenty of time for a catch up.