Some of you may already be aware of the new Regional Affiliates Team structure we announced via email on 5 June, 2017. However for those of you who haven’t read this email and heard the news yet, we are proud to announce to you all that we now have dedicated regional specialists. Now, some of you may ask: What does this mean? And how will this affect me and help me grow my sales?

The New Team Structure

These are understandable questions, so here are our answers.

You, our valued affiliates, are the Affiliate Management Team’s number one priority. We want to build stronger relationships with each one of you. And to achieve this aim, we are going to appoint a dedicated affiliate specialist who can speak your own language and who understands the culture of affiliate marketing in your region.

Your affiliate specialist will guide you through your start up if you are new either to affiliate marketing or to the network, and will provide continued advice on how best to grow your affiliate marketing business. We want you to have support that is tailored to your own requirements.

For example, Adelaide, who recently joined our team as the Affiliate Specialist for France, has many years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of affiliate marketing, and can provide tailored advice from her own research as well as offering local knowledge.

We believe that communication is key to getting things done, and what better way than communicating directly with you in your own language.

Although we don’t have Affiliate Specialists in post yet for Germany and Italy, we are confident that we will be able to fill these positions very shortly. Until then, we have assigned temporary specialists who are just as competent for your region.

The Specialists

Here is the list of our affiliate specialists by region:

North America Affiliate Specialist





UK & Middle East Affiliate Specialist





Asia Pacific Affiliate Specialist





French Affiliate Specialist




Spanish Affiliate Specialist


(Currently on maternity leave, please contact Martyn instead.)



A New Team Manager

At MoreNiche we value our affiliates. We strive to provide each one with exceptional service and to offer you all the personal touch.

This is why, as well as bringing in new affiliate specialists per region, I have been appointed to manage the affiliate team. So, who am I and what is my vision for MoreNiche affiliates?

My name is Arbie Rodriguez-Pollard and I’m originally from the Philippines (shout-out to the MoreNiche Filipino affiliates who may want to speak Tagalog with me!). My previous job, where I worked for almost eight years, was with a vitamins and supplements company based in Peterborough. I started working there in a customer service role, answering the phones etc., and quickly progressed to managing affiliates and then to the role of project manager, creating new brands for the company.

My goal at MoreNiche is ultimately to ensure that your customers are happy with your offers and that they come back to you with their business again and again. I would love to meet you in person along with your affiliate specialist, however, I know many of you live far away, so Skype may be the best alternative for now. So for the time being, please feel free to get in touch. My details are:

Skype: +441158880296

The new regional structure is just one positive change that will improve the service we provide. There will be more to come. In the meantime, happy promoting!

Do you have questions about the new team structure? Please feel free to comment below, or email your local specialist above.