More Conversions. More Commissions. MoreNiche.

With commissions up to 50% and conversion rates
up to 7.44%, you get more with MoreNiche.

Unlimited earning potential starts here

Monetise your website promoting quality brands in the health, fitness and weight loss industries

Whether you want a decent part-time income or you’re longing for life-changing sums of money, everything you need to achieve your ambition is right here. 

So whatever your dream - quitting your job, buying your first home, or total financial freedom - our extensive training resources paired with one-to-one, expert mentoring from our marketing specialists can help you make it happen. 

Competitive Commissions

We don’t like to brag, but with up to 70% commission as standard, we have some of the highest-paying offers in the industry.

Global Markets

With localised payment methods and French, German, Spanish and Italian languages as standard across most brands, promoting in your part of the world is easy.

Lifetime Cookies

Unlike the measly 30 days most networks give you, MoreNiche cookies last forever. So whether your customer takes weeks, months, or even years to buy, you'll always get your commission.

Advertising Resources, Bonuses & Incentives

Create successful, sales campaigns with a treasure trove of promotional resources and keep them dollars rolling in with regular bonuses and sales incentives.

Chargeback Protection

If a customer doesn’t see results and requests their money back via our money back guarantee policy, with chargeback protection you will keep every dollar of your commission from that sale.

Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Get expert marketing advice, insider knowledge, hot off the press news and product launches, awesome incentives and more when you join our friendly community.

We Do Things Differently

At MoreNiche, we don’t come first. You do.

Unlike other networks that treat you more like a replaceable commodity than the valuable asset you truly are, when you partner with MoreNiche, our loyalties will always lie with you. 

Our business model means we only make money when you do. So our biggest priority is ensuring that you have access to the best offers, resources and training and support to make your business a success.

Industry-Leading Tracking

Next-level tracking means you’ll never miss a sale

We use our own industry-leading tracking software to track all your clicks and sales. This extra level of reliable and accurate tracking means:

Our tracking ensures you are rightfully credited every sale you contribute to – including the 27% that other networks would miss.  We reckon it’s the best tracking system in the world. 

*Internal MoreNiche tracking study 

Exclusive, High-Converting Brands

With conversion rates of up to 7.44% making sales is easier

Because we own and operate all of the brands in the MoreNiche network, we get site performance improvements and development and CRO releases done in rapid time…  

Ongoing optimisation from our traffic and conversion experts ensure the brands perform highly, remain competitive, and earn you more money…    

It doesn't matter whether you promote Male Extra, Testogen or Zotrim, you get to have your say and influence the brands you promote. Your ideas and feedback will always be heard and valued.

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Guaranteed Payments

Bi-weekly payments made on time, every time

We’ve never missed a payment since we started in 1999. Because we believe that whatever happens - advertiser does a runner on us, natural disaster, robot uprising - that's our problem, not yours. We'll ensure you always get your money.




Skrill, Wire, Bitcoin, Paxum, UK bank transfer, Wise


None, nada, zilch

Min payout amount:

£50 / $100 / €100

Transparent Reporting

Detailed reporting enables you to see much more than just the sale

28 Awesome Reasons to Join MoreNiche Today

“I’ve been a MoreNiche affiliate for over 10 years and they have never failed to put the affiliates interest first in every choice they made”

- Tony J

“I just want to say a big THANKS to MoreNiche. You guys changed my life. Thank you” 

- B Argirov

“They do something I haven't seen other networks do. They are a true community” 

- Chelsea B

“My partnership with MoreNiche made me feel I had become part of a family” 

- Katherine V

“I’ve been contacted several times by other affiliate networks asking me to join, but I’m completely happy at MoreNiche and will be staying solely with you. Best network!”

 - Michael  A

“MoreNiche was the first and only affiliate network I’ve joined. I’ve been contacted by others and decided against joining. Why? Because MoreNiche gives you everything on a plate” 

- Kevin H

“I’ve seen Affiliate Networks going from “good” to “bad” to “Gee, what happened to you? You used to be cool.” but MoreNiche has done nothing but improve over the years. They’re always adding more offers, improving their platform, and their manager-to-affiliate support is 5 stars” 

- Tom K

“I have been pursuing the dream of financial freedom. I have managed through my hard work and the support of MoreNiche to not only live on my commissions but to work less and enable my business to become semi autonomous. Thank you MoreNiche”

- Andy H

“I always put MoreNiche offers above others; they always have a much better conversion” 

- Tony J

“Generous and one of the best if not the best in market”

 - Timothy S

“I test my affiliate links at random and their tracking system never fails to record every click” 

- Ricardo S

“MoreNiche never failed to deliver a payment in over 8 years”

- Rob P

“The best thing for me has been being able to connect with like-minded people; getting to know other affiliates who have the same goals as me” 

- Jorge L

“Tracking has always been one of the USP’s of MoreNiche. Even when issues transpire the dev team are quick to rectify” 

- Tony J

“Gone are the days where I would have to worry about my hard-earned money being refunded due to a ridiculous chargeback” 

- Jay J

“My personal relationship with MoreNiche has been very incredible to say the least. They made it possible for me to realize my long-term dream of working from the comfort of my home successfully” 

- Karl H  

“MoreNiche commission rates? Very generous and one of the FATTEST in both the fitness & health industry and affiliate partnership business generally” 

-Patrick U

“The offers have very high commissions, especially for non-digital products. This allows me to be sure I will reach my return on investment quite fast” 

- Guillaume R

“Amazing offers that convert super well, and of course they have these same offers in different languages” 

- Lisa J

“I always put MoreNiche offers above others on my top list of products for a reason; they always have a much better conversion” 

- Tony J

“Since switching to PhenQ from another leading Phen product, our earnings have doubled”

- Lucas S

“MoreNiche has the best support in the industry by a mile” 

- Priya S

“Payments are always on time, no exceptions!” 

- Ron W

“The support at MoreNiche is world class” 

- Timothy S

“I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support and guidance of the affiliate managers. I owe this to you guys. Long live MoreNiche!” 

- John K

“Unlike most networks, MoreNiche remains very open and transparent. I'm hook to their honesty even in the face of embarrassing incidents” 

- Patrick U

“I have never had a problem with MoreNiche payments - it’s probably the only affiliate payment I don’t bother checking too closely” 

- Tony J

“I truly feel part of an amazing community which pushes me to continue improving and contributing” 

- Malik P

Personal 1-2-1 Support

Ongoing marketing mentorship to grow your business

We don’t do canned responses. Because we’d much rather build a meaningful, lasting relationship with you. So you can expect first class, one-to-one support, tailored to you. 

You’ll be paired with an experienced Partnership Mentor who understands the ins and outs of online marketing and who will take the time to really get to know and understand you and your business. 

Your mentor will be as dedicated as you are to helping you grow your online marketing business and achieve your goals. 


It’s 100% free, quick and easy to join. Go on, become a MoreNicher today!


Instantly access a range of health and wellness products to promote to your customers


Pocket big commissions of up to 70% for every sale you make. Yay!