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Author: Cat

Digital Products

By Cat

Digital vs. Physical Affiliate Products: The Pros and Cons

Hundreds of millions of us are buying products that only exist online. Items for which we never receive a physical product, just bytes of data. Love them or loathe them, sales of digital products such as ebooks and audiobooks, digital music and movies, online courses and software are booming.  The ebook market is expected to … Continued

May 1, 2017

By Cat

Share Triggers: How to Create More Powerful Content

I realised recently that MoreNiche affiliate managers have been misleading affiliates for years, certainly since I’ve been with the company.  Over and over we’ve told affiliates to do the same thing which really isn’t good for their sites, ranking, traffic or user experience. Shocked?! Before you head off and leave us though, let me explain. … Continued

August 11, 2016
A Day in the Life of a MoreNiche Affiliate Manager

By Cat

A Day in the Life of a MoreNiche Affiliate Manager

As I write this I’m sat at home on the sofa, having previously nipped out for a McDonald’s milkshake and new laptop charger.  Today hasn’t been a typical day in the life of a MoreNiche affiliate manager.  But what does a typical day look like?  What does an affiliate manager actually do?  Read on to … Continued

December 3, 2015

By Cat

Do You Know About Facebook’s Algorithm Updates?

Pretty much any experienced affiliate is aware of, and has experienced, Google’s algorithm updates. Panda, Penguin and more of Google’s animal family can have a major impact of your affiliate marketing efforts. But did you know Google aren’t the only ones rolling out regular algorithm updates? Facebook are at it as well.   The Decline … Continued

December 8, 2014