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Author: Martyn Slack

Stop Negative SEO

By Martyn Slack

A Guide to Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO

Unfortunately one of the downsides of affiliate marketing can be other affiliates. Even though I’d say 99% of them are great and will be more than willing to help, there’s a small percentage who will do anything possible to remove competition. Even to the extent of hacking a website or engaging in some form of … Continued

February 16, 2017
Drive Traffic

By Martyn Slack

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free

We all know how important traffic is for our websites. Without it we just won’t make any sales. If we look deeper into this though, it’s not the amount of traffic that is always important but the quality of the traffic. There are many ways to drive free traffic to your site, and I’m going … Continued

October 27, 2016
Back Linking

By Martyn Slack

Blog Commenting – Still a Good Backlinking Technique?

One of the most well-known methods of building back-links a few years ago was blog commenting. But due to abuse this link building method took a hit. Many people got a slap by Google and they became less worthwhile on a SEO side. Is blog commenting still worth it and should you even bother? Let’s … Continued

July 4, 2016
WordPress Theme

By Martyn Slack

How To Pick A WordPress Theme & 5 Recommended Affiliate Themes

Picking a WordPress theme for your website is not always easy. You want your site to look as good as possible but at the same time be able to effectively sell the products or services your are promoting. Free themes are okay to start with. However, you are going to want to eventually start using … Continued

June 13, 2016

By Martyn Slack

8 Tips To Creating a Successful Affiliate Pinterest Campaign

Are you using Pinterest to promote your affiliate products? If not, it’s a social network well worth making an effort to utilise. If you’re not sure what Pinterest is or how to use it, or if you’ve tried promoting on it but aren’t having much luck, this article will show you how you can create … Continued

April 5, 2016
How to Pick a Niche to Promote with Affiliate Marketing

By Martyn Slack

How to Pick a Niche to Promote with Affiliate Marketing

Once you’ve joined an affiliate network such as MoreNiche, it can be tough deciding what products to promote. With so many great offers to choose from, how exactly do you pick? Picking the right product or niche to promote will have a very big impact on how successful your experience in the world of affiliate marketing … Continued

July 25, 2015