Email marketing is necessary for anyone serious about their affiliate marketing business. If you’re not sure how to start or what to keep up with, here are twelve tips that will help you build a successful email marketing campaign.  

1. Make Your Brand Recognisable

Your customers should be able to distinguish your emails from the rest of their inbox. Make your emails recognizable by being consistent with your look, format and subject lines. Once you have developed a relationship with your customers they will want to read your emails (provided you are making the content of your emails valuable to them). Using a constant theme in your emails will allow your customers to recognize your brand right away. You can even use email templates for your content to keep that branded look going and to ensure your customers always see your emails as familiar.

2. Use Auto Responders

Autoresponders are a must-have with any email campaign. They help to automate your affiliate business, and give you the freedom to work on other things while keeping subscribers engaged. You can set up separate autoresponders for different landing pages and campaigns. Just make sure they are well written in a friendly, helpful tone.

3. Target Different Customers on Separate Opt In Pages

Create a separate opt in page for each customer demographic. Even if you’re promoting one product, you will probably have different types of customers. For instance, if your affiliate product is in the health and fitness niche, you’ll have fitness buffs and newbies alike, both interested in signing up. Your email opt in pages should address each group of customers separately. This gives you the opportunity to hone in on their specific needs, and greatly increase your email conversions.

4. Always Offer the Option to Unsubscribe

This may sound counterproductive to enhancing your email marketing campaigns, but it actually works in your favor. Having an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email makes your business appear more professional and trustworthy. Most email programs automatically include this, but even if you’re not using any formal software, make sure that your recipients can clearly see where to opt out if they so choose.  

5. Make it Personal: Capture their First Name

Whenever possible, collect the first name of your subscribers. This isn’t a lot to ask for, and most people don’t mind doing it. Addressing recipients by their first name makes the message more personable, and increases engagement for the campaign. People will be more likely respond to your emails if you use their name in the correspondence. You don’t need to repeat it throughout the message, but a simple “Hi Jim” at the beginning of your email can make all the difference.

6. Stick to an Email Schedule

If you’re sending out tons of emails each week, that could be a huge red flag for the person on the receiving end. No one wants to be bothered continuously. Stick to a schedule with no more than three emails per week. Use weekly or biweekly newsletters to cover multiple related topics, and always make sure the emails are relevant to your business niche. Don’t try to promote a pet product to subscribers who signed up for your fitness site.

7. Offer an Email Course

Email courses are fun for recipients and can drastically increase your conversions. An email course is simply a lengthy topic broken down into several bite sized, email chunks delivered over the course of a few days.

If you’re going to send an email course, make sure each message stays on topic and give the reader a task to complete at the end of each correspondence. For example, if your site is focused on healthy living, one task you could ask subscribers to do after they read the message of the day would be to write down five reasons why they want to live healthier lives. This helps to get subscribers engaged, and more receptive to future emails.

8. Limit Your Use of Images

Your email doesn’t need to be image heavy to get results. Use fewer graphics to keep the message focused. One picture at the top should be enough to capture the reader’s attention, and get them curious about what you have to say. The main emphasis should always be on the message.

9. Keep it Short and Sweet

People have limited time these days, and they need you to get to the point quickly. If you want to introduce them to a product, do it without the dramatic introductions. By sending shorter, more focused messages, you will gain the reader’s trust and increase your overall conversions.

10. Add Video

Using video emails has been shown to increase click through rates by 300% and increase profits by up to 40% per month. With such an easy addition to your email marketing making such a significant improvement, there should be nothing stopping you from taking advantage of it.

11. Check Your Analytics

Check your analytics regularly to stay informed on how well your campaign is performing. You need to do this on a weekly and monthly basis. Conduct split testing to see which headlines and calls to action work better. Look for analytics that tell where your subscribers are coming from, and what types of devices they’re using. All of this is information that can enhance your campaign results.

12. Add Social Buttons

Did you know emails that include a share button have a much higher click through rate than emails that don’t? Adding social buttons to your emails can also help spread the word by making it easy for recipients to share it on social media. The social buttons should link back to your business profiles, as well as share a snippet of information from the email. Social buttons can increase your conversions and help you to reach customers that you normally wouldn’t have access to.

These are just a few tips that can help you run a successful campaign while learning what your audience responds to along the way. The more information you collect and analyze, the better chance you have at converting subscribers into happy customers.