Affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich quick and easy type of job, despite what you’ve probably heard. Sure, you can make very good money with it, but it is very, very easy to fail and drop out of the online money making race. If you’ve been trying your hand at affiliate marketing and can’t get anywhere, more than likely, you’ve made one of these common mistakes.

1.You Don’t Enjoy It

Sure, plenty of people hate their jobs. Do these people thrive and succeed? No. Most of these people just go through the motions so they can pick up their paycheck at the end of the week. With affiliate marketing, you can’t just go through the motions. You need to have passion and drive and it will be extremely hard to do that when you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Affiliate marketing involves spending lots of time on the computer creating websites, writing a lot of content (and we really mean a lot), and advertising your sites. If you don’t enjoy these activities, you will fail at affiliate marketing.

2. You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Because there are so many courses offered from other so-called successful affiliate marketers that promise to help you make a lot of money if you follow their step by step plan, many people who get into affiliate marketing have very unrealistic expectations of how much money they will make and how quickly they will make it. When they don’t automatically see the dough rolling in, they get discouraged and give up. Epic fail. Affiliate marketing isn’t quick and easy, especially in the beginning. Like any business, getting started is always the hardest part and you won’t see an automatic return for your investment. But if you keep at it and be patient, you’ll start to see the worth in this career.

3. You Have No Patience

When an affiliate marketer lacks patience to wait on their return on their investment, they never get to see that return. Instead they try a new tactic before they even had a chance to make money. There are many different methods of affiliate marketing and all of them have potential. Some people might find their preferred avenue is through Amazon while others enjoy writing and marketing ebooks, but whatever method of marketing you choose, you have to stick with it until you’ve had the chance to reap your rewards.

4. You Don’t Plan

Affiliate marketing isn’t a fly by the seat of your pants type business. Come to think of it, there are no such businesses. A successful business needs plenty of planning. With affiliate marketing, this planning comes in the form of choosing a niche, keyword research, scoping out the competition, and deciding on an advertising budget. Learning how to do all those things is also part of the plan. Things might not always work out as you planned but at least you’ll have a direction to go in and with a little more research you can get back on track. Without that sense of direction and a goal in mind, your affiliate marketing days will be over real quick.

5. You Fail to Diversify

Ever heard the saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’? It is wonderful to get traffic to your site through solid search engine optimisation; it doesn’t cost you anything but your time. But due to the ever fluctuating Google algorithms, you should have other avenues of traffic flow to your site should Google ever make things hard for you. PPC advertising and social media are two good ways to keep traffic flowing to your site. Also, trying new industries and partnerships can increase your revenue and keep you above water should your original sites tank.

Affiliate marketing is hard work. Don’t be fooled by the online marketing ‘gurus’ telling you that it’s easy money. But if you put the hard work and the grind in and keep at it, you can find success and a decent income. Just don’t give up before you get there.