Your product reviews play a major role in helping your potential customer make the decision to buy. But product reviews shouldn’t be only about the sale. To write a review your readers will truly find value in, you need to follow a few simple rules, the most important of which is: write your reviews for your reader’s sake, not your own.

1. Use the Product Yourself

Don’t try to review something until you’ve had first-hand experience using it. The best and most convincing reviews are those that are genuine. Many merchants are more than happy to give you a free sample of their product if you tell them you are going to be writing a review or are an affiliate marketer. If they don’t want to give it to you for free, you may be able to purchase it yourself through your affiliate link and earn yourself a little commission on the way – if this is allowed through your affiliate program. Speak to your affiliate manager before you do this to make sure this is allowed.

2. Include Plenty of Details

Your readers will have lots of questions about the product, so make sure you answer these. You should describe the product’s features in detail, along with the benefits these bring to the user, and the price. Make sure you include things like delivery time and shipping costs. This is a make or break for some people so it is very important information to include. Is there a money back guarantee? You’ll want to include this in your review too. And of course, don’t forget to include your affiliate link with a strong call to action telling your reader what you want them to do now.

3. Include the Negatives

A review that does nothing but sing a product’s praises looks suspicious, so it’s just as important to write about the cons as well as the pros of a product. Far from sending them running, describing both pros and cons shows your reader your review is genuine and honest. Without you honestly including the negatives of a product, your readers will begin to lose trust in your reviews and possibly in your blog altogether, which will be devastating to your success.

4. Share Other Reviews

Why not mention reliable reviews others have made in your own review? If you’ve found other product reviews you can legally share, this can add value to your own. Even if some of these are on the negative side, it will also make your review seem less bias and more reliable. Make sure you give proper credit to whoever you have quoted or mentioned.

5. Sum It Up

After you’ve divulged every piece of info you have on the product and described your own experience using it you need to finish your review by telling your readers what you really think. Explain to them why you think they should or shouldn’t buy it. If you think they should, make sure to include your affiliate link at the bottom. If you’ve written a great review and your reader decides to take your advice, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t profit from it!

Done right, product reviews are one of the best ways to gain affiliate sales. But don’t rush them. A good review can make the difference between a sale or not, so take your time to write a thorough, detailed and honest review for every product you promote on your affiliate site.

For an in-depth, step by step guide to writing reviews, read ‘How to Write a Great Product Review in 6 Steps’.