You’re an affiliate marketer, so as you know, it’s not always easy to get the results you want when the digital space changes so quickly and so frequently. Thankfully there are plenty of tools out there that can make your life a lot easier. Here are 5 tools we think every affiliate marketer should be using.

1. WordPress

WordPress is a content management system, and one of the best platforms to use to build your affiliate website. Not only is it very easy to work with, but using WordPress means you have access to so many plugins and extensions to enhance and customize your website. It’s brilliant for content marketing, which as you probably know by now, is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. WordPress started out as a blogging tool, so it’s unrivaled in the area of content. Content, of course, feeds into SEO (search engine optimization) and WordPress caters for this perfectly.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with so much information about what’s happening on your website. At a very basic level, and if you use it for nothing else, Google Analytics tells you exactly where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing once they reach your website. You can find out how long they are staying as well as the pages they are reading and interacting with the most. Why is this information helpful? Once you know what type of content your visitors are most interested in, you can add more of the successful stuff and clean-up those pages that are sending visitors away. Analyzing your website traffic is also vital so you can see which avenues to re-invest in. If you’re getting lots of great traffic from social media, you know the time and money invested in this area is worth it and you are getting a return for your investment.

3. Keyword Planner

Google introduced the keyword planner just over two years ago to replace their old keyword tool. The keyword planner is aimed at advertisers wishing to run PPC (pay per click) ads on Google AdWords. The tool helps advertisers to search for keyword and ad group ideas in order to target their ads successfully. Even if you’re not interested in PPC advertising, searching for popular keywords can help determine which ones to target for SEO. After all, if you’re writing content which you hope will eventually appear in Google’s search results, you need to know in what capacity this will be. What will someone be searching in order to find your content? Is this phrase searched for very often? There would be no point targeting phrases that no one is looking for. Using the keyword planner ensures you are clued up.

4. Hootsuite for Social Media

Using Hootsuite to manage your social media is another tool that is going to save you time and make the process much simpler. Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social accounts from one convenient platform. The ‘schedule’ feature means you can plan ahead with content to reduce your daily workload, and you don’t need to continuously log in to lots of different accounts all the time. If you’re not actively doing social media marketing because of the time commitment, this might just be your answer. Affiliates can no longer ignore the importance of social media if they want to remain at the top of their competition.

5. Google Trends

Finally, Google Trends can be used for a number of things. When used alongside the keyword planner, you can get a real understanding of the interest within a certain niche or topic. Google trends provide you with a graph showing how interests have peaked and dipped over time, as well as information based on locations.

Something which is highly recommended is using Google trends for content idea generation. It can be a demanding task to constantly come up with new engaging content topics for your affiliate blog. Using this tool can inspire some topic ideas within various niches.


The best thing about these tools? They are all free or offer a free package (Hootsuite). So why not try them out over the next few weeks – we bet you’ll be glad you did!

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