6 Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Affiliate Products

When you’re starting out in affiliate marketing it can be tempting to promote as many different products as you can, in the hope of making as much money as you can. But to be successful, it’s important you choose the right products to promote. Choosing the wrong products rarely leads to a profitable affiliate marketing campaign.

Lack of Personal Interest

You’re going to be spending a lot of your time writing about whichever product it is you choose to promote. So it needs to be something you actually have a genuine interest in. So those beauty creams and ointments might look tempting when they offer you that nice high commission amount, but if you are male and mostly into monster trucks, beer and computer games, spending your days learning and writing about female beauty products might not actually be so appealing after all. Think carefully about which product you choose because you’re going to have to live and breathe it while you’re promoting it.

Poorly Suited Products

While your primary goal in affiliate marketing may be to make a significant amount of money in a short period, keep in mind that not all products will be right for your website. That means not promoting children’s toys on a website that is all about the best toys for dogs. They just won’t sell.

Failure to Test

To ensure you are promoting as effectively as you can you should carry out your own tests on the products you choose to promote. After all, the only way to determine a product’s effectiveness is with testing. You have to convince customers that this product is worth spending their money on. So by conducting your own tests, you can prove the efficiency of what you sell. Don’t forget to turn your testing into a product review for your website.

Poor Research

Extensive research is a huge part of affiliate marketing, and that includes researching the right niche to promote. Visit online communities and forums, read articles and blogs, go over current news, and look at product reviews. Using an effective keyword search makes it easier to find profitable markets, as well as products.

Inadequate Keywords

You need to use proper keywords in your site’s written content. Start by making a list of possible keywords; things that you believe the majority of people will use for searches. Included in the list should also be keywords associated with the type of product offered. In addition to brainstorming, consider using programs that generate relevant keywords for you.

Product Offering Too High or Too Low

Try to get the right balance in the number of products you are promoting. Obviously, you want to provide your site visitors with buying options, but offering too many may become overwhelming, making it difficult for some people to make a decision.

Pick the right products to promote and you’ll set yourself up to a good start in affiliate marketing. Need more help deciding what to promote? The MoreNiche team will be happy to help, so get in touch with us today!

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