Whether you’re a new affiliate or a seasoned one, finding the right tools to use with your Instagram marketing strategy can be a task. Not only do you want to post at the optimal times of the day, but you also want to engage with your audience, and share dynamic content. In our last article we showed you how to use Instagram with your affiliate marketing, but if you’re feeling the Instagram marketing blues, don’t give up hope.

Here are seven apps to help you successfully manage your Instagram affiliate campaign.

Scheduling Tools

You can’t be online 24/7, but you do want to market your business while you sleep. Scheduling tools give you the freedom to post content anytime of the day or night, and keep your Instagram account teeming with relevant, interesting posts. Here are three scheduling tools that you should consider.


Cost: Starting @$9.99 per month/30 day trial period

Hootsuite is a considered a leader in the social media scheduling industry. Their Instagram tools allows you to pre-program posts to be delivered to your follower’s from their mobile or desktop app. The mobile app has some additional features like the ability to share images to your other social platforms, additional zooming features. Whether you’re already using Hootsuite to manage other networks, or you’re new to the platform, adding an Instagram account is simple.


Cost: Starting @ $20 per month/7 day trial period

This tool allows you to upload videos, single images, or multiple images all from one platform. It makes bulk uploading a snap, and users are able to manage multiple accounts. This is beneficial if you’re affiliate business includes several different products, and you have separate Instagram accounts for each one.


Cost: Free version includes 2 Instagram accounts and 30 posts per month/Paid version starts @$19 per month

Upload images to your affiliate Instagram account with an Android or Apple device with Latergramme. Users can also access it from a traditional computer. The service allows for multiple accounts, and several team members. This is important if you’re planning to hire an assistant or social media-marketing agency to post for you. They will have their own access to the account, and you get to set the permissions to maintain control of your content.

Photo Editing Tools

Your Instagram account represents your business, and this means that the images you post should be engaging and relevant. Here are some photo editing tools to help ensure that you’re always putting your “best face forward” on this social platform.


Cost: Free App in iTunes and Google Play stores

Available in the Google Play and iTunes store, Snapseed is a great photo-editing tool. It’s easy to operate, and allows users to make simple but noticeable changes to images while on the go. Snapseed is good for those times when you want to communicate with your followers on a whim, but would like to do some minimum editing before you post.


Cost: Free App in iTunes and Google Play stores

This amazing app enables users to add text to their images right from their mobile devices. It’s a fun way to customize images, and create brand recognition. There are several different fonts and colors available, and the app allows various placements within an image.


Cost: Free for basic features/$4.99 per month or $33 per year

PicMonkey is for those times when you want to add something special to your images before sending them out. This is a browser-based program, so you don’t have the luxury of using it on the go. The upside is that many of the features are free, and you can do wonders with this program. It’s a go-to editing suite for making serious changes to an image.


Cost: Free

This free to use platform allows you to sign in with your Instagram account to get access to users, hashtags and most importantly get access to your Instagram statistics. Having access to and analysing your statistics and metrics allows you refine your Instagram use and get more information about how your posts are performing meaning you can constantly improve.  

Marketing your business on Instagram is a great way to increase exposure and build brand awareness. With the right tools, you can ensure that your images are perfect and ready for the world, even while you sleep.