SEO is an important way to gain traffic and boost your affiliate sales but it can be very tricky to keep up with. Social media marketing is a great way to scoop up extra traffic without the hassle of algorithms and keywords. But it can hard to know where to start and how to make it work for you. Here are some helpful tips to making social media work for you.

1. Promote the Right Products

Ideally you should actually use the product yourself before you try to promote it to someone else. For one thing, promoting a product you know nothing about is dishonest. Second, you won’t be as successful because you won’t come across as genuine. If you’ve read a few of my articles before you may have heard me say “live inside the niche!”. Real experiences make for good sales. But be careful, because not all products are socially promotable. Delving into the male enhancement niche might be tricky. You’re more than likely allowed to promote these products organically (as long as you do everything you can to restrict under 18’s access) but you won’t be able to advertise penis enhancement products through paid Facebook advertising for example.

2. Entertain Your Audience

Just because your main objective in using social media is to gain customers, your readers are not actually there to shop. Most people are using social media for fun, so give them what they want. You need to include entertaining posts that are edgy, fresh, and engaging. Don’t try to sell something with every post. Only include your affiliate link when it is appropriate. Eventually you will make a sale, but you must gain the attention and trust of your audience before you try to do this.

3. Get Your Readers to Interact

Tell your readers to like, share, or comment on your posts. It sounds pushy but it has been proven to work. The more likes, shares, and comments you get, the more interactive your name is and the more visibility you will get. This is called social proof. It makes others more likely to interact with your content because they aren’t standing out there on their own, they are part of a group. Make sure to reply to comments left by your followers and build a relationship with your target audience. This will broaden your reach and improve your social media marketing. You are also more likely to build lasting relationships with customers who are more likely to re-order your product in the future if you don’t behave like a faceless robot.

4. Make Friends in Your Industry

It’s called social media for a reason… so go out there and be social! Commenting on the posts of others in your industry and giving compliments when they are due can actually increase your readership. How so? Writing anything good about someone else always looks good for you and sending the link to those you complimented will usually encourage them to share it with their followers. Imagine how many more people will see your page and site if you compliment someone with an already highly established name and they decide to share it? One tip though, don’t be that guy on Instagram that comments on everyone’s post with some obviously generic/repeated comment that is clearly based around self promotion on other people’s content. No one likes that guy.

5. Use Graphics

Let me ask you a question. Do you prefer reading a magazine or article with pictures or just text on a page? You chose the one with the pictures, right? Right! We all would. It’s because it is often easier to take in information that is presented in an attractive and visual form. Facebook posts with images and graphics in them are much more popular than those without and there’s a reason for it. People are on social media to enjoy themselves, share content and interact. People are much less likely to interact with a huge white page full of black writing. Gifs and memes are the more favoured graphics and they provide a little bit of humor, controversy and a talking point on your page. Finding great gifs and memes that you can share with your audience (or creating your own) is a good way to entertain your readers and have them like, share, or comment on your page and content. Create an especially good one and it might even go viral. If you tactically surround your promotional content with entertaining and informative imagery you are more likely to get some exposure by association.

6. Make Your Links Friendly

When it is time to try and make a sale, make sure your affiliate link is readable. Affiliate links are generally just a bunch of random numbers and letters, which will make people wary of clicking the link because they don’t know where they will be taken. Not only this, but those who are less familiar with the internet are intimidated by a link that they don’t recognise or trust. Ensure your link is user-friendly and makes it clear where it is taking your customer. For example,

7. Expand your Reach

There is LOADS of social media networks that you can join and begin to promote your content on. And you often won’t need to spend huge amount of cash to do so. So don’t just worry about Facebook and Twitter. Expand your social profiles into Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, Youtube or Periscope. You really don’t have to limit your social media presence to just a couple of platforms.

Social media marketing certainly isn’t easy, because, as I mentioned above, people are not on social media to shop. But if you do your research and make sure you do it right, have a little patience and keep at it, you can make it work for you.