If you’re not using social media as part of your affiliate marketing campaign, you’re missing out on a lot of sales. This guide will help you understand what is involved in social media marketing and how you can become successful at it.

Provide Quality Content and Earn Their Trust

Social media marketing isn’t about just posting your affiliate links to as many pages as possible. You need to create and deliver great quality content that your audience will enjoy.  Start a relationship and earn your readers trust by first delivering useful content and valuable information to them again and again. When it fits, you can promote your affiliate link in the post or have a link to your blog or site that has even more quality content and your affiliate link. Don’t just post the same boring thing, either. Switch it up by offering a link to your new blog post, or a How to YouTube video, or a podcast, or a great infographic.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have ads on your pages. As long as these aren’t overpowering or too in their faces, these ads can still turn into revenue by sending customers to your affiliate link.

Use Images

Social media users aren’t looking to read a book. They want attention-grabbing posts that are fun and easy to share. Make them happy with great graphics that they are more likely to click on. Also, feed their desire for fun by providing relevant, humorous pictures, gifs, memes or videos. Find a way to include them in your posts and wrap your content around it. Facebook posts with images receive far more engagement than those without. People’s interest in and engagement with images was the basis of an entire social network; Instagram!

Make Your Links Clickable

Affiliate links can be long, confusing and look like gibberish. People will be wary of clicking on a link they don’t understand. To put your readers at ease, shorten your links and make them readable. For instance, instead of a link like https://track.moreniche.com/hit.php?w=000000&s=000 make your links look more like this: https://youraffiliatesite.com/productx. In order to do this, you need to redirect your original gibberish looking link to your new link so you get credit through your affiliate program for your sales. You can do this using a link shortening plugin such as GoCodes or Pretty Link Light.

Stay Active

The more active you are the more followers you will gain over time and the more exposure you will get. Don’t leave your social media accounts to become stagnant. Post new content regularly and engage with your followers. Make sure you reply to comments and tweets. Take the time to learn about your audience; their interests, their dislikes etc. The more you know about them the better you can deliver them the information and products and services that they want.

Grow Your Email List

You should want your social media followers to join your email list. Getting them as a contact will allow you to send out offers and continue to nurture your relationship and credibility. The best way to do this is by offering a 7-day eCourse that you deliver through an autoresponder. This eCourse has to be extremely valuable, almost the best stuff you have after your actual product so that your readers continue to open your emails after those initial seven emails.

Forget About the Money

Yes, the whole point of affiliate marketing is to make money. But when it comes to social media, as we’ve already mentioned, you need to build your audiences trust before monetising. An even then, your ad posts should only be every now and then, and must always be relevant to your audience. People use social media to be social, not to be targeted by spammy ads left right and centre. Keep the majority of your posts free of affiliate links and focus on being genuinely interesting, helpful and entertaining. And most importantly, have fun while you’re doing it!