One of the biggest challenges with Internet marketing, and especially affiliate marketing, is that it’s far too tempting to become a jack-of-all-trades. In short, you try to take on the role of content creator, website designer, programmer, search engine guru, paid marketing expert and social media wizard.

Each of these roles are massively diverse and specialist. To become an expert in just one of these fields requires lots of hard work and dedication, never mind six!

Most new affiliates take on these challenges themselves, feeling there are no other options. Tools like WordPress have certainly helped reduce the need for design and development knowledge. But that said, there is always going to be a glass ceiling you cannot break through by relying on these CMS systems.

I challenge you to follow your passion, and delegate the other areas to experts.

How many times you have spent hours sitting and hitting your head against the keyboard, knowing that someone else could do the same thing in five minutes?

Guess what? There is another person somewhere, doing the exact same thing about your skillset. We find there are typically two types of people; creative (designers, copywriters, social media, marketing people) and analytical (developers, SEO, paid advertising specialists).

If you are a creative person, you will likely struggle with the technical aspects and visa versa. Once you have highlighted your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to focus on what you enjoy.

There are a few options when it comes to delegating your weakest areas.


Find a Partner

If you are a technical person, you may want to find a creative content writer. By working in partnership, you are both invested in the same goals and share the rewards. Make sure you bring the same value to the partnership and agree the terms in advanced.



If you have a clear understanding of what you are missing, you can very easily outsource work on places like Elance, Freelancer or Fiver. Make sure you know what you need to plug your own knowledge gaps.


Hire Locally

If you have the resources, why not hire someone who can fill your knowledge gaps. If you are located near a university or school, this can be a great source of cost-effective man-power which can help take your business forward. Universities are especially good for foreign language skills.


The most successful affiliates are those who can take a step back and build a strategy. If done correctly, you won’t actually have to do much work yourself. Just partner, outsource or hire the correct skillsets to accomplish the tasks you need doing.

Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades. Specialize and control your destiny by following your passion and mastering it.