What if I told you there is a new social media platform which has grown to 15 million users in just 5 months? What if I told you that this new media has a potential to be accessible by 2 BILLION users? What if I told you that it is backed up and pushed by one of the biggest social media networks in the world?

Welcome to Periscope, the video streaming platform which Twitter bought for something like $86m in January 2015. In less than 1 year Periscope has become the fastest growing social platform ever.

Ok, but what is it about? It is about RELATIONSHIPS. Yes, real human relationships. To explain Periscope in short, let’s say you broadcast yourself (or what you see) live on the app using your smartphone. Followers can watch you on their mobile and they can INTERACT in REAL TIME with you. Simple and engaging!

Let’s look at that from a business point of view: people buy a product because of the promise that the product makes. Actually we are not selling products, we are selling hopes. For example a CrazyBulk customer is not interested in the products themselves but instead in the idea of having a sculpted, toned body.

How can we create the link between this idea and the product we want to sell? It’s simple: build a relationship with your potential customers and let them trust you, help them achieve the status they want and show them any shortcuts to fast track the process.

Periscope is the ideal tool for building this type of trust. What is more personal for you? Reading a general text, chatting with someone with a keyboard, watching a recorded video or engaging with someone live, listening to their own voice and being able to interact in real time from your smartphone?

The fact that Twitter owns Periscope means there are already a lot of integrations between the 2 platforms with more on the way very soon. For example you can import your Twitter contacts in to Periscope and you can stream LIVE on Twitter using Periscope.

Another key benefit is that Periscope is relatively untouched from a marketing perspective.Very few are “scoping” with a business focus, and just a handful are affiliates. It is like Facebook or Google in the early stages: first come, first served!

Have you noticed Instagram’s icon inside the Facebook Advert Manager? Do you know you can retarget your audience both in Facebook and in Instagram with the very same pixel? What do you think Twitter is working on now, integrating its platform with Periscope?

Further to this brief overview, I have prepared a detailed ebook to help you to kick off your Periscope Marketing adventure. The book contains techniques and advice to help you to make your first sale driven by a ‘Scope’. Not a theory ‘blah blah blah’ course but a list of actionable instructions about mastering this amazing new traffic source.

Ohhhh: I can hear you saying – “Noooo please not more things to do, more things to learn! My day is only 24 hours and I would like to see the sun sometimes…there is no way I will be able to add other things to my list!” – Well what if I told you what I can teach you could actually save time from your day, and give you more tools to promote your offers? Sounds good? Indeed it does.

No sales pitches – it is all 100% free!


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