Being an affiliate marketer is a great way to earn an income, but it’s certainly not a set it and forget it type business. In order to keep your revenue stream flowing, there is some regular maintenance that needs to be done on your affiliate website. How many are you currently doing?

Check Your Analytics

When it comes to maintaining your affiliate site, keeping an eye on your analytics is very important. This includes details like user and browser demographics, the type of device your visitors are using to search your site, as well as the search terms that got them there. Most of this information can be retrieved from Google Analytics, and the good thing about this platform is that it’s free.

You also need to keep track of your affiliate sales, including links to the signup page, and your lead traffic. All of this should be monitored at least once a month so you can understand where your traffic is coming from, what devices your customers are using, and how you can improve your user’s experience to increase your conversions.

Freshen Up Your Content

It’s a turnoff for visitors to go to your website only to find your content hasn’t been updated for months. When people search for information and answers they want to land on a site with updated material. If you don’t have new information about your product, try to update your affiliate site with articles and blog posts that are informational and helpful within your niche. This doesn’t necessarily always need to be material that you’ve written, as you can utilize curated content to share with your readers (as long as you ensure you give credit to the original author).

An often overlooked maintenance task is updating the copyright year at the bottom of your website. If you’re running multiple sites, this can be easy to forget. Just remember that visitors will quickly turn away from a site with a copyright year 2010.

Fresh content also means updated affiliate banners. If your affiliate banners haven’t been rotated for a while, check to see if new ones are available. This keeps your site looking new and gives return visitors a good indicator that your business is well maintained.

Correct Broken Links

You could be missing out on potential customers if you have broken links on your website. Make sure all your links are pointing to the right pages and that the URLs and destinations match. You should do this at least every 6 months to ensure your site is operating efficiently. Broken links could also hurt your rank so it’s important to make all fixes as soon as you find them.

Search for New Products to Promote

Limiting your product line is a sure fire way to limit your earnings. Part of maintaining your affiliate website means searching for new products to promote. This should be an ongoing task, and one that you do every three to four months. Look for products that are related to your overall niche, and make sure they meet your quality standards before you start any promotions or campaigns. This could easily double your income, as people may show an interest in one product over another. If you don’t give them another option, you could lose the sale altogether.

Backup Your Website

Last but certainly not least, it’s critical that you backup your website. You could experience an ugly hack that changes up the format and template of your site. Not to mention it could also delete critical information. Backing up your site means the difference between a speedy recovery and starting from scratch. If you don’t have the time to do this at the end of each day you should at least do it once a week. There are software programs available that perform automatic backups for a small fee.

Operating an affiliate site is a great way to increase your income, as long as you put in the extra work needed to keep it fresh and relevant. Hire help if you don’t have the time, but you must always make sure your affiliate business is well maintained and operating efficiently and well maintained.