In the UK anybody running any form of digital marketing (or offline marketing for that matter) must comply with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations, these are a set of rules with apply across all media and must legally be followed.

CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) has a set of advertising codes which we recommend you read and follow, this is a self-regulation process but will help your defence should any issues be raised about your marketing efforts.

With very few organisations taking ownership of internet advertising we have taken CAP (The committee of Advertising Practice) and the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Media as our sources for our rules.

  • Comparative claims are permitted in the interests of vigorous competition and public information. They should neither mislead nor be likely to mislead
  • They should compare products meeting the same needs or intended for the same purpose
  • They should objectively compare one or more material, relevant, verifiable and representative features of these products, which may include price
  • They should not create confusion between marketer and competitions or between marketer’s products, trademarks, trade names or other distinguishing marks and those of competitors

Our belief (MoreNiche) is that all product comparisons should be fair and factual.

MoreNiche when receiving complaints will use both of the above resources to help resolve a situation, you should understand that the content on YOUR website (regardless if the merchant provides it) is your responsibility.

We recommend all affiliates who are operating in the UK understand and follow these rules, if you are based outside the UK you should understand what advertising regulations you should follow locally.


ASA – Advertising Standards Authority

IAB – ASA/CAP Update & Useful Links



If you have questions you can speak directly to our compliance officer here.

Do you believe that an affiliate is acting unethically? Complete the Unethical Advertising Claims form and MoreNiche will investigate.