There are niches that are really easy to promote and write about such as holidays, food or events. With these niches you can deliver exciting content, pictures or videos which often go viral without much doing to them.

Think about Apple, Canon or GoPro cameras – these are products that have appealing marketing campaigns and sponsor huge events. But if you’re honest, these are not products that are in everyday life by the average customer. What is needed are items such as tools, bin bags, shaving foam, beer and chocolate – well maybe not the beer! But how do you write about such average products which keep our society running?

Marketing-Potential for everyday products

Some might say: “if everyone needs it why should I promote it?”. The answer to that is simple. You want the customer to buy the products from your website as they have to buy them regularly throughout the year. The income you can achieve by promoting everyday products that keep people coming back is huge and the trend confirms that more and more people are buying them online. So yes, you can earn money by promoting “boring” products. However, if, in your eyes a product is boring, how do you write appealing content to make it attractive to the consumer and get consumers to your own site?

5 Practical Tips for writing appealing content about everyday products

1: Get over it!

The first step to successfully promote everyday products is to get over the fact that you may find them boring. On another note, don’t even try to convince your customer that they are not! For example, if you promote a cleaning product with words such as ‘exciting’ and ‘innovative’, you’re just insulting your customers intelligence and they may well leave your site. However, that doesn’t mean that your content can’t be entertaining. You can tell very interesting stories on how to fight pests in the garden or how to fix a flat bike tire in the middle of nowhere. Another great way is “Fun Facts” which you can gather in nearly every niche.

2: Useful content is rarely boring

Even if the product you want to write about is not mega exciting, useful content can and will help keep users on your site and encourage them to buy the product. Most products exist because they are a solution to a problem and it’s very important to highlight this fact when creating appealing content. Step by step guides and “How To” approaches are the ones that get clicked most and that is valid for articles as well as videos. If you find it difficult to create exciting or funny content, just ensure your content is helpful to your readers – this will add value!

3: Keep it simple and specific

The slogan says it all. Avoid using technical terms and ensure your content is easy to read and understand. Also avoid buzzwords such as ‘innovative’, ‘never seen before’ – you get the message. Lots of users have a dislike of marketing language, so avoid at all costs!

Instead, focus on answering important questions about the product or service and explain procedures. The more specific the better. That way, writing your content will become easier and you increase the chances that users will find what they are looking for. This should result in more sales and a reduction in your bounce rate. Write for your users and you will see results and real engagement.

4: Ask specialists and look behind the scenes

Even the most boring niche has exciting stories to offer. Sometimes these stories can be found behind the scenes – which is why interviews and videos are a great way to add value to users. You could arrange an interview with a manager who is just in the process of launching a new product or arrange to look a specialist over his shoulders on a normal working day. That will help to create interesting and useful content for your readers.

5: Surprise!

Thrilling your users usually works by adding a shocking image, a controversial statement or by adding facts that are not commonly known (you will quite likely get a few of those when you look behind the scenes). This way you can keep your user focused and he will certainly remember your site and your content for all the right reasons – valuable and exciting information!

It’s not as easy to write appealing content for less exciting niches, but you can still create useful and interesting content as long as you know where to search for it. A look behind the scenes, a day with an expert, detailed instructions or obscure facts – with skills and creativity you can make even the most boring products shine in the light!