Comparison Marketing – Effective and Ethical Ways to Do It

Comparison marketing is quite simply where you compare two or more items against one another to highlight the differences, comparison marketing when done correctly can be a very powerful sales tool and is a acceptable form of marketing, many successful business have been born from simply comparing products (e.g. insurance or utility bills).

Comparison marketing when comparing the facts between two products is perfectly acceptable however when profiting from one of the brands more than the other it can be easy to move into the realm of becoming bias.

Some things to note when comparing products should be:

  • Comparative claims are permitted in the interests of vigorous competition and public information. They should neither mislead nor be likely to mislead
  • They should compare products meeting the same needs or intended for the sahreme purpose
  • They should objectively compare one or more material, relevant, verifiable and representative features of these products, which may include price
  • They should not create confusion between marketer and competitions or between marketer’s products, trademarks, trade names or other distinguishing marks and those of competitors

Our belief (MoreNiche) is that all product comparisons should be fair and factual.

Do you believe that an affiliate is not following the above requirements? Complete the Unethical Advertising Claims form and MoreNiche will investigate.



If you have questions you can speak directly to our compliance officer here.

Do you believe that an affiliate is acting unethically? Complete the Unethical Advertising Claims form and MoreNiche will investigate.

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For more in-depth learning about comparison marketing visit our course lesson on just that.

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