We all know how important traffic is for our websites. Without it we just won’t make any sales. If we look deeper into this though, it’s not the amount of traffic that is always important but the quality of the traffic.

There are many ways to drive free traffic to your site, and I’m going to show you 9 excellent ways to do just that. The traffic that these methods generate should be targeted, therefore if done right you could see a very nice boost in sales.

When looking at the below method of driving free traffic to your site, try not to think about the back links. This can be hard as it’s been drilled into us that backlinks are essential. Don’t get me wrong, they are important, but try to look at these methods as ways of generating traffic, not backlinks.



This method is a bit of a given really. Without decent SEO how are you expected to get traffic?

Before looking at any other methods you want to make sure that your site is well optimised, although make sure not to over optimise it. I recommend focusing on the main aspects of optimising your site:

  • Effective titles with your keyword present
  • Description focusing on keyword
  • Well written content that is 400+ words (ideally 1000+)
  • Use of images (named and alt tags using keyword)

This, combined with some related backlinks, and you should start to see some traffic. although it does naturally depend on the competitiveness of the keyword you are targeted. By going for more long tail and less competitive terms then you will find it much easier to rank and get that free traffic.


Social Media


Social Media


Social media is something that many affiliates seem to either shy away from or dislike. Social media is much easier to do and manage if you enjoy the subject of your niche, and if you actually enjoy getting into conversations with others and building a community around your social accounts.

I recommend you pick one or two of the social networks and focus on just them. Spreading yourself on all of them means you have less time to fully optimise any of them. If there is a specific social network that you like, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, then pick that one to focus on.

It’s important to understand that growing a good social account does take time but it can generate a lot of free traffic. Services offering to get you free followers might sound appealing but these tend to be a waste of time as the followers they get you will either be fake accounts or won’t be interested in your niche. Instead, focus on growing your socials naturally by getting involved in conversations and following others that are interested in the same thing.

As well as taking the time to grow your followers naturally, you also need to make sure you are tweeting the right things. Don’t just focus on tweeting your content from your website; re-tweet others content and tweet about things within your niche, such as relevant news etc. If you are just advertising your website and not being a part of the community then your traffic will be limited.

Remember, it does take time but for the amount of traffic that is available, it’s worth it!


YouTubeVideo has been around for such a long time now and the amount of traffic that goes through sites such as YouTube is incredible. Many people make thousands of pounds just having a video channel alone. By creating your own videos and having a decent channel you can drive traffic from your videos to your website.

Many people stay away from doing videos because they don’t want to be seen on camera (which I fully understand and is something I hate myself!) But it is possible to do videos without being on screen yourself. As an example, “unboxing” videos (where you give prospective customers a preview of a product by filming it being opened) tend to do very well.

Naturally, it does depend on your niche. Some products are easier to do videos on than others, but there is always a way. For example, weight loss and bodybuilding might typically be a hard niche to do, so why not look at it a different way?

You could create videos based on healthy/protein rich recipes, where you actually cook the recipes and show how your viewers how to do it on video? Or create a video on the top 5 core strengthening exercises, 3 workouts to train your abs etc – the options are endless.

Do Interviews



Affiliate Manager Rachel has touched on this in her free EGO bait ebook which can be found here. Interviews are a great way of generating traffic for a couple of reasons:

1) Its content for your site – provide a good list of questions and you could generate a good 1000+ article with the answers. As it is an interview you would generally also include a picture or two of the person you are interviewing.

2) Get mentioned – as you are interviewing someone, let them know when your post is published and they will usually mention the interview on their social accounts. If they have a decent following then this can really give you a boost in traffic.

It is not always easy to get interviews but many people like to have their ego stroked a little bit. Start on smaller people within your industry and build up a good selection of interviews. This should help you get larger well-known people in your industry later down the line.

In order to make it worthwhile to them to take part in an interview, make sure you add links to their website and socials – but make sure these are “nofollow”.


Use an Email Signature

Such a simple thing but many people forget this one. If you send emails on behalf of your website then make sure you always include a signature. This should include your email and website URL.

It’s surprising how many people will click a link in a signature but may not click a link in the actual email.

I wouldn’t want to give a false impression that this will drastically increase traffic but it can give it a little increase, and just one of those extra visitors could become a buyer.


Answer Questions

We always recommend creating an authority site as this helps to grow trust within the industry. If you can learn everything about that specific niche then this shows you know what you are talking about in your content, resulting in more sales.

One way to take advantage of this new found knowledge is by answering questions that people might have on the subject. There are two excellent sites for this;

* Yahoo Answers: Home

* Quora

People log on to these sites and ask their question, to which anyone can answer. The best answers get voted up which results in that answer getting a lot of views if it’s a popular question.

How do you turn this into traffic to your site? These sites allow you to create a profile in which you can put your website URL and usually a description of yourself and your experience. Many people will often click through to your profile if you are answering a decent amount of questions and generally trying to help people.

In some answers you may even be able to include a link back to that specific article that’s on your site. Make sure it is related and adds to the answer and be careful to do this sparingly – the sites may ban you if you link to your site too much (Yahoo answers is very good at banning accounts!)


Guest Blog on Other People’s Blogs

Many people are happy to have contributors post on their blogs. It’s important however, to find good blogs to guest post on. You want to focus on sites that are in the same niche as yours. After all, if it’s a completely different niche, their traffic may not care about your site.

These blogs will have a number of requirements, which will usually be;

  • Articles of a set word count – usually more than 500
  • Good quality content with an image

These guest posts are beneficial for the owner of the blog as it is additional content for them, making their site bigger.

Why are they beneficial to you? As long as you write a good quality article that the readers like, you will often be given the chance to put a link in your article. This helps to feed the blog owners traffic through to your own website and hopefully result in you making a sale.


Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog

As well as making guest posts, I also recommend accepting them on your own website. Be careful when accepting guest posts as you don’t want too many, but once a month is a decent amount to begin with.

Typically, you would link back to the person’s website. However, they shouldn’t be against you making it a “Nofollow” link.

The benefit for you is in more content and more importantly – better quality content. The better and more respected your site is, the more stricter you can be on what content you require, i.e. word count etc – I would always only accept related and well-written articles.

As well as additional content, many people promote their own content, so there is a good chance that they will share the article on their social channels. This could potentially result in more people going to your site or connecting with you through your socials.

Its also a great way of forming good relationships with other webmaster. If you put one of their posts on your site, you could ask to return the favour and put an article on their site.


Do Some Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting


I made a post a couple of months back about whether blog commenting is still a good way of getting back links.

As well as a method of obtaining backlinks it’s also an excellent way of growing traffic to your site. Providing good quality comments which add a little extra to the article can result in people clicking through to your site.

Some sites also approve comments that include a URL in the comment, as long as it is offering value to the original article.

Another good method of blog commenting to generate traffic is to stir up a good conversation with someone or answer someone’s question for the blog owner.


Buzzfeed – Content Round Ups

Sites such as Buzzfeed are a great way of getting traffic, if you manage to get your content on the featured page then be prepared to see a nice boost in traffic. A content roundup is basically a collection of related articles, i.e. 25 Incredible Breakfast Smoothies.

You would have an image of each smoothie followed by a small description and then a link back to the actual article. All links are nofollow but these types of collections do very well in terms of traffic. It’s well worth giving them a go with your chosen niche.

The true power of these sites is not to just link to your own content. You join with other webmasters to create a roundup of content. Put it together with yours at the top and then add other peoples that are interested, then publish and share.

Now the benefit for other people is that their content is being shared which can result in more traffic. The benefit to you is that by including other people’s content, they are more likely to share it. The more shares and likes it gets, the more chance of it being featured… resulting in more traffic for you.

As long as the content is related to your niche then there is a good chance this increased traffic can be converted into sales.

Many people like to get more traffic. Who doesn’t right? Surely the more traffic you get the more sales you get? This is true to some degree (as long as it’s targeted traffic). Make sure you make the most of the free traffic generated so you can potentially turn those that wouldn’t have purchased into buyers – maybe not right away but at some point down the line they could buy.


Email Capture

Email Capture


I have personally said it hundreds of times; build a good email list and you could make even more sales. Lets look at it this way: you get 200 people to your site. 20 of them buy, giving you a 1/10 conversion rate… but what about the other 180 people?

Now imagine if you set up a email capture and gave them a nice offer in order to join up, as well as putting them into a nice email campaign. If out of those 180 people, 20 sign up, that could potentially be an additional 2 sales.

The benefit of a email list is that those 20 people can be recommended additional products, potentially resulting in more than those 2 sales.

If the offer is decent and the email campaign is set up well, you could actually make a nice income from email alone.



By using Google Analytics or Facebook you can add a bit of code to your site which drops a pixel onto the computers of people landing on your page.. This pixel allows you to re-market to those specific people via adwords or Facebook ads, which is more targeted than promoting your ads to an entire niche, because you know they have already shown an interest by visiting your website.

There are two ways in which you can do this:

1) Send them directly to your website – Create some nice ad copy and re-market people to go back and visit your website. For example, if they were looking at a How To Burn Calories article, create an ad to target calorie burning:

“Looking to burn more calories? Capsiplex has been proven to help burn more calories, which can aid in weight loss”

You would then send traffic through to a review on Capsiplex.

2) Use your email campaign – You know they are interested in your products, now use your email capture to try and collect their emails to then be entered into your email campaign.

Offering some form of free ebook is an excellent way to do this, plus you can target it at the kind of thing they were looking at. For example, if they were looking at an article on your site about protein in diets, offer them a ebook on the subject:

“Get a FREE copy of Protein Food, 25 recipes jam packed full of protein to give your workouts a boost!”

By doing either one of these or both, you are potentially getting that traffic to return back to your website.

If we use the previous example, 160 people have done nothing, the other 40 have purchased or already entered your email list. Let’s say 40 people follow your ad to your site. That could mean 4 more sales. 20 people then follow your email campaign – which might add 2 more additional sales.

All together that is potentially 8 more sales from the same amount of traffic, just by adding an email campaign and some form of remarketing.

These figures are naturally estimates and will vary depending on the conversion rate of products, the percentage of people that sign up etc. It does however give you an idea of the huge potential of re-marketing.



Driving traffic to your site is a time consuming process but as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you’re going to have a hard time making any sales without it!

I’ve given you a lot to do, so start by implementing just a few of these traffic generation methods and build up from there. Try picking one or two that look the most simple or the most interesting/enjoyable to you and spend a good amount of time on them. Once you start to see some results you should be more motivated to continue working your way through the rest of the list.

Remember, it’s the quality of your traffic that will make you sales, not the quantity. If you use the traffic generation methods I have described above – and do them well – you will start to see a good increase in quality traffic to your site. And with good quality traffic comes sales!