Just opening a social media account doesn’t mean you will see huge success straight away. As with anything, there are tips and best practices that you need to follow to make it work for you. Below you will find four straightforward tips to help you get started.

1. Deliver quality content first

This is the most important thing – social media channels without quality content simply won’t work. This means instead of constantly promoting products, you need to start creating and sharing great content.

This could be a blog post with useful tips, a video on YouTube or perhaps a Facebook post (if you are cross-promoting between different social media channels).

One people have landed on your target and consumed the content. For example, say you create a YouTube video about beauty tips. At the end you could recommend a related product. The same goes for blog posts and other content types, e.g. PDF report or Infographics.

Initially it might be hard, but as you keep building it will create snowball effect.


2. Use images in your posts

Now, you can even add a nice images for your posts on Twitter. This will attract more attention and lead to more clicks on content. For example, you could put a still of your video and then link to it, or it could be the leading image from your blog post.

Depending on the platform you use, you can experiment with layout and different amounts of text. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For example:


Social Media Tweet


Verses this:

Twittee Best Practice


The second one takes three to four times  more space and is a lot harder to miss. Good for you!
Here’s another great example where an image uses a combination of graphics and words. It makes reading a lot easier and you can focus on the text on the image rather than small printed text.


Social Media Examples

3. Cross promote across your channels

While it might sound like common sense to some, many people don’t cross promote their other channels. This is a clever way to put your content out in different formats. For example, you could write an article about your top 5 lipsticks, as well as a YouTube video about it, and perhaps related images on Pinterest too.

Tell your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, etc and tell your Twitter and YouTube subscribers to join you on your other channels too.

Many people only look at their Facebook or Twitter accounts once a week and miss a lot of content. But if people subscribe to different channels, the chances they will see your latest content increases.

This way you will maximize the exposure you get. Of course, be sensible and do this in moderation. Content first, then promotion of your channels and other products.


4. Stay active

Remember – the more active you are, the more exposure and followers you will get. When you stay active you can interact regularly with others, create a two way communication and build new friends.

It also helps you to get in the minds of the people you are looking to sell or advertise something to. This way you will be able to better formulate your offer and get better results from your promotions.