Do you have doorway pages on your affiliate website? If so you may want to reconsider that right now before Google penalizes you.

There’s been a huge crackdown by Google in the last 12 months on ranking any website containing anything which spoils a users ability to surf the internet and find exactly what they’re looking for without annoying little marketing tactics getting in their way.

The problem is some of those marketing tactics are the same ones which many of our affiliates once used on a daily basis and saw excellent results with – doorway pages being one of them. That means for many of our affiliates, their websites could potentially be littered with these harmful, outdated pages, resulting in Google bypassing their entire website in a bid to keep searchers happy.

Unsure if this applies to you? Read on.

What is a doorway page?

Put simply, a doorway page is any page which solely exists to be optimized for a particular keyword or phrase and offers no other value to the visitor.

The content on a doorway page usually offers only affiliate links as a way of escape. They often don’t even include a menu to take the visitor to the other pages on the site they’ve landed on. Ultimately, the internet was once littered with hundreds of these doorway pages which all lead to the exact same affiliate website.

Of course, this leads to a frustrating user experience – and that’s exactly why Google hates doorway pages.

The Google crack-down on doorway pages

These days, Google is all about good user experience, and it’s come down hard on tactics which threaten that. Doorway pages are clearly one of these tactics, so as far as doorway pages are concerned, the game’s over.

While you probably saw great success with using these in the past, right now if you still have them on your site, you’ve probably seen a real shift downwards in your rankings.

That’s because not only will your doorway pages now be bottom of the Google search pile, the rest of your site may be being penalized too as you get a reputation with Google for being a ‘bad web citizen’. And trust me, that’s no badge any webmaster wants to wear if they care about their organic rankings.

Fixing the issue

It’s not all doom and gloom. If you’ve been using doorway pages, you simply need to stop – the sooner the better.

To ensure Google isn’t seeing any of your web pages as ‘doorway’ pages, ensure the following:

  • Make sure each page contains a full menu to the rest of the site, which actually takes the visitor to other pages.
  • Don’t use keyword stuffing on any page of your site. It’s far more useful to ensure the content on a page discusses the finer points of a subject you’re trying to rank for than you focusing on a particular keyword or phrase.
  • Make sure the content on each page offers genuine unique value to a visitor, which they can’t find anywhere else. A genuine, unique review is one good example.
  • Make sure every page on your site is, in fact, an integral part of your site. For instance, don’t have a page about how to feed your dog correctly on a website which otherwise talks about weight lifting!

Worried it’s too late?

It’s not. Even if your site is being penalized right now, sort this out and it will recover soon.

The main thing you need to ensure is that your website is built to HELP your visitors. If each page adds unique value the visitor cannot find elsewhere and answers their questions well, Google will favor your site.

Have you removed doorway pages from your site? How long did it take for your website to recover its rankings? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.