All products aren’t created equal and some are far more interesting than others. Boring items are harder to sell, and marketers often get stumped on how to promote them. If you’re dealing with an uninteresting product, here are five ways you can encourage your customers to take interest.

Highlight the Benefits

When people are able to see the benefit of a product, it automatically becomes more interesting. So when you create content around a boring item, put your main focus on the benefit of the product. For example, if you were selling a water heater, you could get users engaged by telling them how much they would enjoy long hot showers, or how they could finally go ahead and remodel the basement because your tank takes up less space.

Use Analogies in Your Marketing Content

Make your product interesting by using analogies. Let’s say you’re promoting a fax machine (that’s about as boring as you can get). Your marketing material could read “ No more waiting. Send and receive information at the speed of light”. In this instance, you’re comparing your products’ speed to light speed. Now, no one really believes that faxes can be transmitted that fast, but it makes the copy and the whole product sound a bit more interesting.

Answer Questions/Educate Your Reader

A simple Q&A session can help you come up with all types of creative ways to make a boring product a hit. Write down five to ten questions that a user would have about the product and answer them in your blog post or marketing materials. The more details you give, the more engaged your reader will be.

An example of this could be if you were selling paper clips. Totally uninteresting, right? But you could address the question of how they got their shape, or how many different materials they’re made of. People don’t really think too much about paper clips, but once you address a few questions that they may not have known the answers to, they become interested because they are learning something new.

Highlight the Positive Aspects

Sometimes making a product more interesting is as easy as talking about the positive aspects.  Let’s use paper as an example product in this scenario (because it’s also pretty boring). When you write your content, address the positive aspects of paper. It comes in thousands of different colors, shapes and sizes, and it’s used to make everything from mailing envelopes to product labels. Take each of these aspects and turn them into a blog post, or add a simple write up in your affiliate newsletter. All of this adds depth to an item that people would otherwise overlook.

Talk About the Product History

Even the most uninteresting products have some “juicy details” about their history. Tell readers how an item came to be. Talk about the product creators, where they live, and what inspired them to produce the item. Gather as much detail as possible about the history, and write a post about it. You can use it as marketing material if it’s engaging enough. People like to read about the history of a product, as it helps build an emotional connection, and makes the buying process easier.

Selling a boring product can be a challenge, but you can do it. These are just a few ways to get users engaged about the item. However, the main key to getting this right is to be excited about the product yourself. You shouldn’t really promote an item that you aren’t interested in, because you’ll have a hard time convincing others to take interest. Your passion should flow into your content, and make others want to know more. The more interest you have in the products you are promoting, the better you will be able to sell those products to your customers.