Once you’ve joined an affiliate network such as MoreNiche, it can be tough deciding what products to promote. With so many great offers to choose from, how exactly do you pick? Picking the right product or niche to promote will have a very big impact on how successful your experience in the world of affiliate marketing is. 

One thing you must always remember is just because someone doesn’t find success in a niche, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Its all about the approach you take and learning from any mistakes you have previously made. Below are 3 key tips to help you decide what you should start promoting. 

1. Do you have an interest in the niche?

If you are fairly new to affiliate marketing, we strongly recommended you find a niche that you have an interest in. If you are going to be focusing on a content rich, authority site then you will need to write a decent amount of content for it, such as product reviews and generic articles.

You will find it much easier to write about a subject if you have an interest in it. That interest will also show when your site visitors read your content. Your passion for your niche should shine through your content.

2. What are the conversion rates like?

When looking at the different products you could promote, take a look at the conversion rates for each one. This gives you a rough idea of the average amount of uniques that you will need to send to the merchants site to generate a sale.

This is just an average number and different aspects naturally affect it, such as quality of traffic you are sending.

Don’t be swayed by high commission rates without checking the conversion rates. A merchant could be offering 50% commission but if the conversion rate for that product is extremely poor, you might make less commission promoting than promoting a product for a merchant that offers 10% commission but converts very well.

3. What is the potential earning from the offer?

The next thing you have to look at is the potential earnings from an offer. Don’t only look at the commission percentage but tie this in with the conversion rate. As mentioned above, an offer could have a high commission rate but its earning potential could be lower than a product that offers a smaller commission.

You should now you have a good idea how to go about picking a product to promote. MoreNiche has a very wide range of excellent offers to promote, all offering great earning potential from which you are sure to find an offer you are interested in.