Blogging can be fun and exciting but let’s face it, it’s not going to make you rich is it? This is why many bloggers use affiliate marketing to make a profit from writing about their niche topic. Of course, we know that to make a successful blog you need to achieve some sort of authority on the topic at hand. Finding the right products or services to market is important because it may affect your authoritative stance in the long run, so you have to be choosy with what you promote.

Here is how you can monetise your blog with affiliate marketing.

Keep the rest of your site relatively ad free

If people are constantly bombarded with ads from your site, any affiliate marketing you try to do will just be lost in the crowd. You also don’t want to overdo it with the push. There is nothing wrong with suggesting your readers check out the newest product because you found value in it, but don’t shove it down their throats every blog post. It has to be a balanced and well thought out plan to delicately place the link into your post.

Choose affiliate offers wisely

Not every product should be plastered on your blog.  Give your readers some credit. These products or services should be relevant to your area of expertise or niche and should be something you would be willing to put your name behind. What type of reputation does this company or product have? Also, think about profit. Would it be worth your time to market a product that sells for very little? What about residual income? Does this product have an affiliate sister program or add on product that you could easily market in the future to complement this first sale? All these factors should be weighed in when choosing an affiliate offer.

Write detailed reviews

People won’t buy or click through just because you tell them to. You need to write good quality, detailed content that will pique their interest in the product and sell them on it. When you sit down to write the blog post that you plan on placing an affiliate ad on, write with that ad in mind. Have a relevant backstory and maybe a few other reviews but your review should be the shining star of the post. Tell the reader the why’s, what’s, when’s, and how’s of the product. And be honest. If you are aware of a con that your product has, give the reader a heads up but follow it with a pro that outweighs the con.

Gear your blog toward commerce

It’s might be easy to write about how your child does the darndest things but there aren’t many opportunities for affiliate marketing in this topic. Instead, try to find a unique niche in a topic pertaining to something people spend money on regularly. You’ll still want to choose something you could easily write authoritatively on but try to find some passion that is lucrative. Are you a gamer? This is a great topic. Gamers spend a lot of money on their passion and you can stick your hand in that cookie jar if you write good content and market high selling affiliate offers on your blog. Are you a tech junkie? Lucky you! This multi million dollar industry offers many affiliate marketing campaigns for you to choose from. Maybe you want to have a broader scope. Finding deals and savings and sharing them through links could be a good avenue for you.

Utilising affiliate marketing to monetise your blog is hard work, and will take time, but it can be highly rewarding when your commissions do start rolling in. If you already have a well established blog, you’re in a great position to begin affiliate marketing. Just remember to go slow, and tread carefully. The last thing you want to do is alienate your readers and have them think you’re just all about the money now.