Here at MoreNiche, we are always trying new and exciting ways to bring exposure to the brands on our network. So in 2016 we decided to trial the sponsorship of athletes, bodybuilders and product ambassadors starting with a couple of our popular brands. The main aim was to provide social proof for the products, and increase exposure at both national and international competitions.

With the growing trend in influencer marketing in general, and the rise in celebrity and athlete endorsements in the competitive sports nutrition market, we set out to find product ambassadors who would resonate with the core demographic audience of the brands we chose. So let’s see who’s on board and what they bring to the overall brand presence of the products they’re endorsing.


Ramsford Smith

Ramsford or Randy Smith was the first professional athlete to gain sponsorship from a brand on the MoreNiche network, and that brand was CrazyBulk. CrazyBulk, as I’m sure you know, offers legal, safe and natural alternatives to steroids. So naturally this feeds into the world of competitive bodybuilding.

So what does Randy bring to the brand?

Randy has over 30 years of professional bodybuilding experience, as well as racking up an equal amount of time working as a professional trainer. He’s guided hundreds of clients to their fitness goals, all while maintaining a tough training regime and bodybuilding diet.

He has competed at the absolute highest levels in the world of bodybuilding, and he has a trophy cabinet to prove it. His accolades include multiple appearances in Mr Britain competitions, including one win in NABBA Class 3 and many placements at the Mr Universe and World Championship events. Ramsford really has seen it all in the world of bodybuilding.

After taking a break from professional bodybuilding to bring up a family, Ramsford decided to make a comeback to the world of competitive bodybuilding at the age of 55. And he turned to CrazyBulk to help him achieve his goals.

He qualified for last year’s Mr Britain where he was placed 5th in his class, and has competed many times this year, hoping again to qualify for Mr Britain and in turn, The Universe. He sets his sights high because he believes his experience coupled with CrazyBulk’s natural, safe product range can become a winning formula.

Randy doesn’t just bring experience; he brings a wealth of product knowledge when it comes to supplementation. He prides himself on being a natural athlete having never taken an illegal steroid in his life, and the reason he can still compete with a younger generation of bodybuilders is because he’s kept his supplementation intake completely clean, safe and natural. Sounds familiar, right? Yep.

Randy has been experimenting with multiple CrazyBulk combinations and has proven how effective they can be. He has spent countless hours reading, researching and investigating ingredients and he believes CrazyBulk gives him everything he needs to compete at the highest levels.

He’s tried pretty much every supplement CrazyBulk has to offer and documented the results. He even wrote a blog post about it for CrazyBulk which you can find here. All of this, I’m sure you’ll agree, gives the CrazyBulk range of supplements a huge stamp of approval. There’s nothing quite like a professional bodybuilder giving a full and frank overview of the supplements!

Randy also has been involved in product and gym photo shoots and video sessions with CrazyBulk, which provide great content that is available for all affiliates to use on their websites. His athlete profile on the CrazyBulk website is absolutely packed full of knowledge and information about CrazyBulk, bodybuilding and his journey so far. Just take a look at the video below and see for yourself.

But it doesn’t end there. He will be competing for the rest of the year under the CrazyBulk banner and will likely be doing more photo shoots and videos, so make sure you keep your eyes on all the usual MoreNiche news outlets to keep up to date with Ramsford’s exploits and further resources as they become available.

Christopher Tripp

The second athlete to join Team CrazyBulk was American-born Christopher Tripp from Cleveland, Ohio. Christopher is a competitive bodybuilder looking to gain IFBB Pro status in 2017. Not only does he compete regularly on the bodybuilding circuit throughout the United States, with wins at the North East Ohio Natural Bodybuilding NGA, and the Natural Northern USA Championship NPC, but he also devotes a large chunk of his time to guiding his personal training clients to their fitness goals.

Where Christopher is concerned, committed is an understatement. He lives and breathes gym life, and as a natural athlete who has never touched an illegal steroid, he loves CrazyBulk. He keeps his diet clean and spends quite a lot of the calendar year in competition condition.

So what does Christopher bring to the Brand?

A regular user of both the bulking and cutting stacks, Christopher alters his CrazyBulk intake depending on his goals and competition schedule. His favourite CrazyBulk supplements include N02-Max, HGH-X2 and D-BAL.

Again, Christopher has taken part in multiple photo and video shoots and all the content is available for affiliates to use on their websites. In fact, you may have seen his face on the CrazyBulk home page:

This was a move that dramatically increased the conversion rate during a split test on the CrazyBulk website, so maybe it’s time to add some similar images to your affiliate website and see if they work the same magic on your conversions.

Christopher also has a really cool athlete profile on the CrazyBulk website and will be working alongside the CrazyBulk brand team to create more visual content going forward.

He will also be attending the MoreNiche 15th birthday party in September, where he hopes to hook up with interested affiliates and share some first-hand bodybuilding and CrazyBulk experience.

Christopher has also provided CrazyBulk with an AMAZING question and answer video that was constructed using customer questions. These questions were part of a survey sent out to real CrazyBulk users, so you know it’s packed full of interesting pain points and common questions that the CrazyBulk user demographic ponders over on a regular basis. Take a look at the video below to see Christopher drop some excellent CrazyBulk and bodybuilding knowledge!


Ekaterina Avramova

Ekaterina Avramova is one of the first athletes to gain sponsorship from new supplement brand, Blackwolf. Ekaterina (or Katy) is a competitive swimmer with vast experience in both the Olympic Games and World Championships alike.

She is currently the holder of all Turkish backstroke records and is a five times Islamic Solidarity Gold Medallist. She has swum competitively for a number of years and has quite the trophy case, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Katy joined the Blackwolf team after hearing about the benefits of Blackwolf’s all-in-one workout solution for pre-, intra- and post-workout. She signed up as a sponsored athlete after experiencing for herself the benefits that the Blackwolf range can provide.

Check out this excerpt from her upcoming athlete profile on the Blackwolf website:

“Blackwolf formula is unique and gives me everything I need, from a pre-workout boost before my morning session, to keeping me going throughout the long hours and, of course, helping me fully recover after each session. Being able to fully recharge day in and day out is one of the advantages I get from Blackwolf. Keeping my body healthy and fit will always help me to improve and get me one step closer to achieving my goals.”

So what does Katy bring to the brand?

Not only will Katy feature on the Blackwolf website very soon, she also provides excellent fitness and motivational content that Blackwolf are able to use on social media channels. She also has a large social media following of almost 17,000 people on Instagram alone.

She regularly provides Blackwolf with brand exposure by tagging the brand in social media posts. I think you’ll also agree that having a double Olympic and National record-holding swimmer gives Blackwolf the seal of approval from the world of professional and competitive sports.

Not only that, but Katy also wears branded Blackwolf workout wear and swimwear, while training and competing. When there are multiple cameras following her progress at international swimming events, Blackwolf is right there too, providing global exposure that is difficult to achieve in any other way.

Katy recently joined the Blackwolf team to create some images for promotional use and has featured heavily on the Blackwolf social media channels alongside Ekow Essuman (whom we talk about below).

The full range of images that were captured would make a great addition to a variety of websites and social media accounts that affiliates use to promote fitness and muscle building. You can see a couple of pictures below.

And there’s lots more to come. Once Katy has returned from her summer break and begins a new cycle of training and competing, there will be lots of exciting things in store, including recipe videos with Blackwolf. So watch this space and keep an eye on the Blackwolf Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to discover all her latest news.

Ekow Essuman

Ekow Essuman was the first athlete to gain sponsorship from Blackwolf. Ekow is a 27-year-old professional boxer, former Team GB Olympic boxer and Blackwolf athlete who is known on the pro circuit as ‘The Engine’. He’s earned this name thanks to his never-ending energy, stamina and relentless pressure-based boxing style.

After cutting his teeth with Team GB, Ekow turned pro and signed with well-known boxing promoter Frank Warren. Ekow currently has an unbeaten record in his professional career and with the help of Blackwolf he doesn’t plan on changing that record any time soon.

So what does Ekow bring to the brand?

Again, as with Katy and Blackwolf, Ekow brings both national and international attention to Blackwolf, and also has a large Twitter and Instagram following with 11,000 followers. He regularly interacts with the brand on social media, and collaboratively they run competitions to give away tickets for his biggest fights which creates great exposure for both Ekow and Blackwolf. Check out some of these posts below.


Ekow also makes regular press appearances in Blackwolf clothing and his fights are often featured on BT Sport in the UK and BoxNation as well. As he makes his way into the ring he sports the Blackwolf logo on all clothing and regularly wears Blackwolf workout gear to the gym and press conferences.

Ekow also joined Katy on the latest Blackwolf photo shoot to create promotional material for the brand and for his athlete profile on the Blackwolf website, which is coming soon.

Take a look at some of the shots below – I’m sure you’ll agree he fits with the Blackwolf ethos perfectly.

Going forward, Ekow will be working closely with the Blackwolf team to create video, and photo content that will help to promote the brand in a variety of ways, including some possible features in international fitness magazines. Watch this space.

So that’s a good overview of the professionals who are representing the sports nutrition and bodybuilding products on the MoreNiche network. Keep your eyes peeled for more athletes joining multiple brands soon as we look to develop this strategy in the future.