Content is king! I’ve been hearing this phrase over and over for at least 3 years now and I assume it’s been the same for you as a badass affiliate marketeer. You have likely experienced first hand the need to adapt to new search engine ranking factors by making your new articles longer (500 words, 1000 words, 2000 words… ) and as relevant as possible to its topic. And if you write your own content, I can only imagine how much time gets taken from you while writing a unique, original and enticing 2000 word article. Thankfully, help is at hand – you can outsource!

Outsourcing Basics

Outsourcing content, for those who aren’t as familiar with the term, is basically paying someone to write content for you.

This can be done through word of mouth or by using online platforms that intermediate the communication between you and freelancers, such as:

These platforms might vary from each other (some offer more outsourcing solutions, such as video or design while others might charge a little commission per payment, etc) but ultimately they won’t have any massive differences, as your main focus should be on finding freelancers that fit your job requirements.

Like everything else in life, you will pay more for more quality, but depending on the article (and the usage you have for it) you might not necessarily need to get the cutting edge quality all the time and some “normal” quality articles might suffice.

Depending on their skill level, you will find writers for any kind of budget.

Have a play and try to approach a few freelancers with your proposals (e.g: 5 x 1000 word articles). You might find that many of them offer slightly discounted prices on bulk orders or have flexible rates that are suitable for your needs.


  • Your first job with a new freelancer should always be a single article. See how it pans out in terms of time it takes and quality provided.
  • Try a few writers for a bunch of different articles initially. Different people have different writing styles and you might like some more than others.
  • Write a good brief and explain exactly what you want the article to be like by providing examples. This might be time consuming at first but if you stick to that writer, over time you won’t need to do it as much as they will learn your requirements if nothing changes.


A look at outsourcing costs and return on investment (ROI)

All the above looks great but obviously there’s a cost attached to it.

Ordering 10 articles for $100/$200 means you spend money that you could have saved by writing the content yourself, so why the heck? There are three reasons why that money will be well spent:

  1. You AREN’T a copywriter (99% of you won’t be!) so your content, more often than not will be weaker than that of a copywriter.
  2. The time to write 10 articles doesn’t compensate $100/$200. You should spend that time on building traffic to your website (socials, e-mails, links…).
  3. You will take much longer to get new content live by yourself. With freelance writers at hand you can get yourself an unlimited amount of articles a day – the sky’s the limit.

Look at it from a different perspective. If you get yourself a product review for $15 and you know that the smallest package available will get you $20 commission per sale, all you need is to make a single sale to obtain $5 profit.

Using the same values, by getting yourself 10 articles you would make $50 profit just on a basis of getting 1 (smallest package) sale per article. Any extra sales will simply add up.

But it doesn’t end here:

  • You will be getting new content more often (traffic will organically build up over time)
  • You are getting more sources for internal link building
  • You are getting more content for e-mail, social and paid traffic
  • You are freeing your time to focus on building traffic

To sum it up…

Outsourcing content is NOT a waste of money – it’s a way to grow your business and profits faster than you ever could on your own.

In fact, there has been some data coming out recently indicating that 62% of companies outsource their content marketing, which on it’s own is a far bigger proof than any I could ever give you on the value of outsourcing.

Start by investing a small percentage of your monthly commissions in new outsourced articles and you will see how your overall profit will quickly grow as you maintain a nice and steady income of fresh content to your websites.