Heard of remarketing? Considered doing it?

Below I present you some arguments that justify the investment in remarketing for both merchants and affiliates alike. These include 7 big advantages and a potential danger you really should be avoiding!


The first advantage is relevance, since by using remarketing you will reach users at the right time and with the right advert every time.

How come?

You are targeting people who already visited your website or application (fancy!) and showed interested in your product, services or information, so you won’t be showing a random ad to random people like a normal paid campaign would do.

Instead, as long as the campaign is correctly implemented, you are just enhancing your actual visitors browsing experience even after they leave your website.



A second (obvious) advantage is that remarketing campaigns provide affiliates and merchants somewhat of a second chance to get a sale from a potential customer by leading them back to their websites.

Affiliates: How about creating a list for visitors of your “top products” articles and remarket them with adverts to view your highest rated product review in that niche?

Merchants: How about creating a remarketing list for abandoned shopping carts, with a small discount to get customers back on site and finishing what they started?

It makes sense, right?



I already mentioned relevance in point one as one of the biggest advantages of remarketing. Increasing the relevance of each remarketing campaign and advert also derives from the possibility you have to fully customise your copy.

What this means is that you can show different copy (and imagery) to virtually each individual visitor. From a practical point of view, you will be grouping customers based on behaviour, but you can easily create personalised copy for a variety of different groups.

Affiliate Website Examples:

  • Personalised ad to those who viewed your CrazyBulk D-BAL Review.
  • Personalised ad to those who viewed your Best Legal Steroids 2016 article.
  • Personalised ad to those who viewed your Bulking Recipes articles.
  • Personalised ad to those who viewed your Workout Plans articles.

Merchant Website Examples:

  • Personalised ad to those who viewed your X product (multi-stores).
  • Personalised ad to those who viewed your website (single product sites).
  • Personalised ad to those who viewed category pages (weight loss, bulking etc.)
  • Personalised ad to those who reached the cart but abandoned the site.
  • Personalised ad to those who reached the checkout but abandoned the site.

On early buying stages, remarketing campaigns could be built as an additional incentive to purchase but also to increase the potential customer familiarity with the product (making them more likely to buy now or in the near future!).



A fourth advantage of remarketing is the far better click through rates you will get with it when compared to other paid campaigns.

This is data confirmed a million times over and easily explained by the points above: the ads are more relevant, displayed at better times and have personalised copy.



In addition to better click through rates, remarketing campaigns will also have better conversion rates, not only due to the above points, but also because the potential customer is already in a more advanced stage of the buying process.

You are no longer trying to sell them something they don’t know about, you are just adding in more persuasive arguments for them to order what you want them to.



As a result of better click through and conversion rates, remarketing campaigns have a much better return on investment (ROI) than other paid campaigns, which means you will get more for your money!



One of the key benefits of remarketing is that it works perfectly well with whatever channels you use (or at least with digital channels – until we have a brain chip that monitors our offline behaviour!).

No matter what your methods are (SEO, Adwords, Email, Social Ads, Native Ads, etc.), by using remarketing ads you are simply enhancing the results you ultimately get.

And this also means that is very much scalable. The more traffic you pump from the other sources, the more juice you will be getting from remarketing, making it a win win situation!


As we have seen, remarketing campaigns are far more effective than traditional paid traffic. If you want, you can even save a bit more and reduce initial campaign costs by starting to set up campaigns on latter stages of the buying process (higher likelihood of sales).

But bear this extremely important detail in mind: despite the massive advantages of remarketing, the danger you face is following up on your visitors in the way that not everyone might love:

  • Not everyone likes the idea of getting personalised ads. Some people are paranoid about search engines having their data and might not react as “they should”.
  • Some offers might not be suitable (if they even get approved) for remarketing. If you were to see an adult remarketing banner on a family shared pc, you might not feel very kind towards that brand and probably lose your will to buy it.
  • No one likes spam. Show it a few times but don’t overdo it.

It is essential to set up the campaign properly to avoid massacring users, otherwise the campaign is likely to be counterproductive and negative for the reputation of your website and to the brands themselves (more so if it’s merchant level remarketing).

But do it well and you have gotten yourself a hidden gold mine of your already existing traffic – so get cracking!