New to affiliate marketing? Picking the right niche is what will make or break you as an affiliate marketer. Although it is important you choose something that you have an interest in, a niche has to meet certain criteria in order for it to make you a profit.

How do you find the niches that fall into this category? With lots of research, research, research!

Research Your Audience

You can’t begin picking your niche without knowing who your customers are going to be. These are the people who you are going to tailor your website to. You need to know thehir passions, their fears, their hobbies and their daily lives. How do you find out what makes your audience tick? You guessed it; research!

Research Keywords

So, the way you find out what is important to your audience is by researching their search queries. When they get on their computer or tablet or phone, what are they looking for? The way to do this is by using a keyword search tool. The best place to start is the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This nifty tool allows you to enter certain keywords, and it will tell you how many searches that keyword has per month, the competition rate, and the cost per click for this keyword. This information tells you how much demand there is for that keyword.

You want to choose one that has a high demand but reasonable competition. When you are starting out you won’t be able to compete with the big guys so choosing a niche that is already saturated with veteran affiliate marketers will be a bad idea.

You will also want to make sure that this niche will continue to make you money as time progresses. You can research the market through Google Trends, another useful tool offered for free by Google. This tool will tell you how a certain industry is doing now, in the past, and in the foreseable future. If the market has been on a slow incline, investing in that market is a smart choice. However, for a market that hit its peak years ago and is declining in popularity, don’t waste your time with it.

Research Profitability

Once you’ve found your audience you need to find out what kind of products you can offer them and if these will be profitable. The MoreNiche affiliate network has plenty of products from a wide range of niches from which you are sure to find a suitable product to promote from your chosen niche. But what you really want to know is if these products will sell. So it’s back to the Google Adwords Tool you go to research these products. Again, you want to check out the search volume, the competition, and the cost per click. If a product is lucrative, you should have some competition. Keep in mind though that your chances of finding a gold mine that no one else has found is next to none as a beginner. You will have to follow the crowd at first until you’ve learned to identify a good product from the get go.

Another good way of deciding the profitability of a market is by searching it in Google results page and taking a look at the ads on the right hand side. If no ads pop up, its because no one has found value in advertising this market, meaning it isn’t profitable. Also, check out the quality of ads. Are they big companies? Are they relevant to the market? All of these answers will tell you how much potential profit your niche market will have.

When starting out as a new affiliate, it’s important not to blindly rush into promoting any old products. Picking a niche in affiliate marketing does require some thought and a bit of work, but all that research will pay off in the end when the sales start to roll in.

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