When you first start using AdWords, the layout of the user interface can be a little confusing. While the flexibility of AdWords is one of the reasons it’s such a leader in the industry, this can be a drawback for new users trying to find their way around it.

So it’s good to be well-organised and have a structure for your ads in mind before you start creating campaigns. This will keep you focused and effective.

To make sense of the structure I’ve set out below, I made some assumptions first:

We are focusing on one landing page
We are focusing on one country
We are focusing on one *keyword strategy

So bearing in mind these assumptions, you should structure your campaign as follows:

1 Campaign > 1 Ad Group > 3 Ads > 20 Keywords

So how does this scale? For each country and topical area you will have:

As you can imagine this will mean having a lot of ads in play if you really want to spread it out. For example, if you target cities rather than countries you could end up with 10 countries and 10 keywords groups which would result in 1,000 ads per device!

But not to worry; there is a lot of repetition when it gets to this scale and we can manage this easily through the Google Shared Library and AdWords Editor. My next articles will start to focus on tips and tricks on how to use these to better handle scaling in PPC.