Twist360 has been shortlisted for the Network Innovation Award by the Performance Marketing Awards, the leading and biggest awards ceremony in performance marketing.

Established in 2007 and now in its 9th year, the Performance Marketing Awards celebrates the industry’s achievements and successes throughout the year while providing the perfect platform for companies and brands to showcase their work.

With categories such as Best Performance Marketing Agency, Best Brand Engagement Campaign and Best Managed Affiliate Program and over 300 applications, this year’s awards have seen more companies enter than ever before.

Judged by a panel of industry experts from Google, Arcadia, Facebook, Activision, the IAB and more, entries were assessed against a strict criteria which included clear, well thought out objectives, smart strategy execution, return on investment and of course, innovation and uniqueness.

A place in the Network Innovation category based on our introduction of a flexible account management structure with no fees sees Twist360 up against the big players Affiliate Window, affilinet and Tradedoubler for the coveted award.

A Radical New Way of Working

At Twist360, we’re no strangers to innovation. The first affiliate networks to guarantee commissions, offer reward points, and to introduce the affiliate disclosure; director Andrew Slack has never been afraid to take risks and shake things up for the greater good, one of the main reasons we’re stronger than ever today. So entering the prestigious PMA’s was an opportunity we weren’t going to miss.

Our entry was based on our introduction in 2014 of a radical change to the way we work as a business:

Zero fees and flexible account management. 

We removed all monthly fees, and now charge our clients absolutely nothing unless they make a sale. What’s more, we no longer dictate to our account management team which merchants they work with. We let them choose themselves. It’s called Flexible Account Management, and it’s been a big hit. We don’t charge clients for this affiliate management service either.

PMAs Stand OutRemoving our fixed fees and becoming a purely performance based network meant the loss of a guaranteed £15,000 revenue a month, and the introduction of flexible account management meant we ran the risk of potentially alienating clients who had previously received guaranteed management time. But with the opportunity to become the first group of affiliate networks to work in this way, we were confident it was a risk well worth taking.

Sounds like business suicide? It’s precisely this kind of innovative, lateral thinking that’s now put us in the running for such a prestigious industry award!

We believe that Twist360 is truly unique in being the only group of affiliate networks to offer all of the following:

  • No setup fee for merchants or affiliates
  • No fixed monthly fees
  • Free affiliate management time
  • Flexible account management allowing affiliate managers to choose the client they work with and for how many days per week

This bold new way of working allows all of the Twist360 networks to be equally supportive to both small and large merchants – something we consider crucially important.

How else can the small companies of today become the large ones of tomorrow?

Now, our clients are motivated to work harder and to engage with us more. Those with a stronger dedication to their affiliate campaigns are the ones to receive our attention and benefit from our expert guidance.

It’s a change that has generated a huge increase in both our business revenue and client sales. One client has seen a massive 167.7% increase in sales within just the first four months of the change.

Thinking out-of-the-box

When judging the winner of the Network Innovation award, the PMA explains that the judges will be looking for:

“A single network innovation that has helped their clients on the road to a surge in ROI from their performance marketing activity… there could be the introduction of new technology, out-of-the-box, lateral thinking or a creative solution that enhances or improves the way you’ve done business.”

We’re confident that we’ve delivered the judges just what they’re asking for, and by being shortlisted for the award, we know we’re certainly ticked their boxes!

The PMA’s describe themselves as “Recognising the very best in performance marketing and celebrating innovation, creativity and success within the industry.”

We’re delighted to have been judged as one of the best innovators within the industry by being shortlisted for a performance marketing award; an achievement we’ll be celebrating whether we win or not.

PMAs Shortlisted


The Performance Marketing Awards will take place on April 28 2015 at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. View the full shortlist of nominations here.