It can be hard to imagine the complexity of the system Google uses to find the right websites to fit your search query. Yes, Google’s algorithm is complex, but it is important for affiliate marketers to understand the basic factors Google uses for its mathematical equation to rank websites. Getting a firm understanding of this process will significantly increase the success of your site.

Boosting Traffic to Your Site Using Keywords

The main reason you need to know how to use Google’s algorithm to your advantage is by having your site rank higher in the search engine results page, or SERP. The closer you are to the top of the list, the more likely it is someone will click through to your site. What determines how high up your site will rank is how relevant Google’s website crawlers determine your site is to the word or words typed into the search bar. This is done by ‘reading’ the pages content and finding how many times that certain “keyword” is used on the site.

It’s important to know how to do keyword research and about keyword placement in the text of your site. Keywords in headings and subheadings help as does dispersing the keyword throughout your site. Google isn’t stupid however, so don’t think you can just add the keyword as many times as you can and get ranked high on the list. This is called “keyword stuffing” and Google will actually penalize you for this instead of ranking you. Don’t do it!

Boosting Traffic to Your Site Using Page Ranking

Google’s algorithm includes a patented page ranking system that has yet to be duplicated so you can’t really crack the code on this one. But there are certain aspects of the code that we know helps and doing your best to match that code to your site will help increase your ranking, and in turn, your traffic.

Google’s PageRank will give your site a score determined by it’s secret algorithm and the higher the score, the higher up your site will be listed on the SERP. You can increase your score by having websites linking back to yours. The higher that other site’s PageRank, the more it will help yours, so make sure you are getting linked to relevant and popular sites. Also, if this site is linking back to multiple other sites, your linking to it won’t count as much as if it was the only one. The best way you can increase your PageRank is by providing the highest quality of content for your readers and content that other sites will find valuable as well so they will be willing to link to your site. There are lots of free tools online that enable you to check your PageRank, such as

Again, Google isn’t stupid. You can’t just create a bunch of websites that have very little value and link them to your main site to boost your PageRank. It doesn’t work that way. Don’t do it!

So, as you can see, Google’s mysterious algorithm is vital to affiliate marketers, and by getting your head wrapped around how Google will rank your page based on keywords and its secretive PageRank system, you can get closer to putting your site at the top of the list. This will increase traffic to your site and help you make those sales!