Using goals in Analytics allows you to focus your eye on the traffic that generates you revenue and with this guide you will be able to push that information into AdWords so it too can learn. Once AdWords learns what works to generate you more revenue, with proper tracking it can help identify the right type of traffic who will also more likely convert on perform revenue generating activity.

In this guide I’m going to touch on how to create goals so you can import them into AdWords. Depending on how you’ve set up your links to drive traffic to the MoreNiche websites, you might need to use plugins to track the conversion.

There are basically two main ways people set up their affiliate links. The first is through an internal page with a 301 redirect to the MoreNiche link. This method means you can use the process I set up in the guide document.

The other way is to simply place the MoreNiche link on the conversion page and send the traffic straight to the MoreNiche website. To track this type of link you need to be a bit more creative and use a plugin to send useful information into Google Analytics to track the link as an Event. From that we can then create a goal to import into AdWords.

The plugin you need for this is a Google Analytics (Monster Insights) plugin which you can find here.

Now once you have installed this plugin, you’ll need to sync it with your Google Analytics account and then check the settings as in the diagram below:

Okay cool, so once that’s done you’ll need to sit back and leave this for at least a day. After a day – provided that you’ve had traffic to the site – you will notice Events start appearing in Google Analytics every time someone clicks your affiliate link.

To check if people are clicking on your affiliate link and any external link in general, go to Google Analytics and follow:

Behaviour > Events > Overview

On the right you will see:

The Event Category shows you the summary of outbound links clicked, but to differentiate between the different links being clicked you’ll need to view the Event Action section as seen on the left.

For MoreNiche your action should look something like this:

Recognise it? You should! Since it’s whatever your affiliate link is. If you are seeing this then you know it is all set up correctly and all that’s left to do is create the goal using this Event.

This is the easy bit since we have done it before. Simply go to the Admin > Goals section of Google Analytics.

Now when you create a goal, choose to do so as a Custom Event and then:

Next, to single out the Event you have just created for MoreNiche referrals, simply put the same MoreNiche link you used on your website in the Action Field and click save.

Now if you know the average value of a click sent to a MoreNiche website, I recommend you place that value in here so AdWords knows the difference between a conversion of value and one without.

Finally as per our original getting started guide, import this goal as a conversion and you are done!