Whether you’re promoting a popular item or one that no one knows about, you need to learn how to get shoppers to buy your product. A crucial part of finding success in sales is learning how your customers think and what makes them shop. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why people buy, and the mindset they’re in when making their purchase.

Emotional Purchases

Emotions play a huge role in the buying process. Big advertisers know this, and spend millions of dollars creating commercials and other marketing material that tugs on the heartstrings of shoppers.This also works on the affiliate level. Your customer is more likely to purchase the health or fitness products you sell because they “feel determined” to lose weight.

This reasoning is considered an emotional response, and it happens all the time. When you write material that resonates with your reader’s feelings, you’ll see an increase in conversions. Just remember that this will only work if you have taken the time to learn about your target customer, and have identified their emotional triggers.

Need Based Purchases

Of course, many purchases are made out of sheer need. In the retail space, this would include items like toilet paper and soap. When you’re promoting your affiliate product, your job is to create material that tells your reader why they need your item. If you’re not promoting a product that is critical for daily living, then you must create the need itself. In this instance, you should highlight the ways your product makes a certain task or goal much easier for your customer to complete.

Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases don’t fit in the emotional or needs category. Impulse purchases are considered wants, and the buying decision is made rather quickly. This is the reason why retailers add chewing gum and candy bars at the checkout counter. They know people will see this at the last minute and buy them without thinking twice.

If you can, aim to have some impulse items that add value to your main products. Your customers may not buy chewing gum from you, but if you sell fitness videos, they wouldn’t think twice about purchasing a five pound kettle bell, or a headband to wear when working out.

Curious Purchases

Humans are naturally inquisitive, and this has an effect on purchasing decisions. People sometimes buy things just because they’re curious in learning how a product operates, or if it really works.This is one of the main reasons why so many “As Seen On TV” products sell in physical stores.

On the affiliate level, you can take advantage of this by creating marketing material that highlights the benefits of your product and makes bold (but true) claims about the results. Be direct and tell your user exactly what they’re getting. If they’re curious, they’ll buy it just to see if your statements are true.

Shoppers make buying decisions all day long, but their reasoning typically falls into one of these categories. You can benefit from learning the psychology of shopping by adding content that addresses each type of shopper individually. This takes a bit more work, but in the end, your website will be equipped to sell to anyone, regardless as to what mindset they’re in.