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Affiliate Support

Affiliate Parents

By Sally Harwood

Time Management Tips for Affiliates with a Job & Family

Do you dream of becoming a super affiliate, but find that your day job throws a spanner in the works? Perhaps you find that your family life takes up every spare minute even when you’re not at work? Don’t give up on your dream. Often the answer is to find that spare time where you … Continued

August 9, 2019

By Sally Harwood

30 Affiliate Marketing Terms All Good Affiliates Will Know

Affiliate marketing has more than its fair share of complicated terminology, but don’t let that put you off entering this profitable field.   Take a look at some of the most common terms you may come across below, and don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference! 1 Above the fold This is simply … Continued

March 15, 2018
Affiliate Marketing

By Sally Harwood

What is Affiliate Marketing? A Guide for Beginners

At MoreNiche, working as we do with affiliates on a daily basis, it can be all too easy for us to forget that some people (in fact many people) literally have no clue what affiliate marketing is. What is affiliate marketing? We have a wealth of brilliant articles on our website covering the many various … Continued

March 7, 2018

By Sally Harwood

Why Affiliates Should Consider The Bodybuilding Niche

You may have no interest in the bodybuilding niche. If so, you probably bypass the bodybuilding section of our directory each time you’re considering new merchants to promote. It’s true, not everyone has a keen interest in the bodybuilding niche, but just for a moment, consider the fact that it’s exactly where some of our … Continued

February 15, 2018
Make money with affiliate marketing

By Sandis Viksna

How to Make £5,000 a Month From Your Affiliate Business

Making money from affiliate marketing is a dream for many – be it as a means to earn some extra income while attending university or replacing a full-time job. Yet few people have a proper understanding of how to reverse engineer their goals and turn them from a dream into reality. Ready to make £5,000 … Continued

June 5, 2017
Digital Products

By @Frans

Digital vs. Physical Affiliate Products: The Pros and Cons

Hundreds of millions of us are buying products that only exist online. Items for which we never receive a physical product, just bytes of data. Love them or loathe them, sales of digital products such as ebooks and audiobooks, digital music and movies, online courses and software are booming.  The ebook market is expected to … Continued

May 1, 2017
Sports Industry

By Karla Villegas


With so many offers available in the market, finding a profitable affiliate marketing niche can be difficult. The sports nutrition, bodybuilding and muscle building niche has proven to be one of the fastest growing and most profitable for affiliates, along with other evergreen popular niches such as weight loss and health. The demand for sports … Continued

April 10, 2017
Weight Loss Niche Marketing

By Karla Villegas


Because of its size, profitability and potential, ‘weight loss’ is one of the most popular affiliate marketing niches within the health sector. Health and wellness continue to be relevant topics for content and offers in digital marketing due to the impact of the growing world obesity epidemic. ADVANTAGES OF WEIGHT LOSS AFFILATE MARKETING While the … Continued

February 13, 2017
Make Money

By Emily Matthews


Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and hugely popular way of making money online. It’s something which anyone can get involved in, be it as a part-time hobby or a full-time venture. If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing you’ve probably seen many success stories on blogs and forums and I’m sure they’ve played a part … Continued

January 26, 2017