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Legalities & Compliance

Affiliate Disclosure

By @Frans

The Affiliate Disclosure Policy – What’s it all About?

If you are a Twist360 affiliate, it’s highly probable you’ve heard of our affiliate disclosure policy. But you might not really know what it’s for, or understand why we treat it with such significance. Here’s everything you need to know about the affiliate disclosure and why it is so important you, to consumers, and to … Continued

May 18, 2015
Legal tips for affiliates - MoreNiche

By @moreniche

Legal tips for affiliates

Please Note: The information contained in this note only represents a summary of the subject matter covered, and is not intended to be comprehensive or to be a substitute for detailed advice. As an affiliate, it is important that you understand you are running a business, and you should treat your affiliate marketing activities as … Continued

January 26, 2015
Comparison Marketing

By @moreniche

Comparison Marketing – Effective and Ethical Ways to Do It

Comparison marketing is quite simply where you compare two or more items against one another to highlight the differences, comparison marketing when done correctly can be a very powerful sales tool and is a acceptable form of marketing, many successful business have been born from simply comparing products (e.g. insurance or utility bills). Comparison marketing … Continued

January 15, 2015