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By Alessio Di Cienzo

Introducing MoreNiche’s New Italian Affiliate Specialist

You may remember MoreNiche introduced a new affiliate regional team structure back in June. And that one of the regions set to have an affiliate specialist was Italy. Well the time has finally come! My name is Alessio, I’m the new Italian affiliate specialist and I will be taking care of our Italian affiliates in … Continued

November 7, 2017

By @Frans

Meet Blackwolf’s and CrazyBulk’s new brand ambassadors!

Here at MoreNiche, we are always trying new and exciting ways to bring exposure to the brands on our network. So in 2016 we decided to trial the sponsorship of athletes, bodybuilders and product ambassadors starting with a couple of our popular brands. The main aim was to provide social proof for the products, and … Continued

September 28, 2017

By Agnese Viksna

Affiliate Payments – Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions about affiliate payments on a daily basis. It’s not surprising – your payment is the most important part of your affiliate marketing job, right? With that in mind, here are the most common questions we get asked about affiliate payments, and of course, their answers! Where is my affiliate payment? We issue … Continued

July 19, 2016
piggy bank

By Karla Villegas

How One MoreNiche Affiliate Increased Their Earnings from $100 to $20,000 in Just Ten Months

So your affiliate website is live, you’ve reviewed high-converting MoreNiche offers,  and you’re getting traffic. But are you feeling disappointed that you’re not making the money you expect? Read this affiliate success story and find out how one MoreNiche affiliate managed to multiply his earnings by more than 200 by making just a few simple … Continued

April 18, 2016
money bags

By Agnese Viksna

MoreNiche Payment Methods and Charges Explained

As a MoreNiche affiliate, you can choose between several different payment methods to receive your commissions. Are you using the best one for you? Depending on your individual circumstances, you may find that some methods of payment are more beneficial to you than others. Find out more here about the different options available to you … Continued

April 14, 2016
A Day in the Life of a MoreNiche Affiliate Manager

By @Frans

A Day in the Life of a MoreNiche Affiliate Manager

As I write this I’m sat at home on the sofa, having previously nipped out for a McDonald’s milkshake and new laptop charger.  Today hasn’t been a typical day in the life of a MoreNiche affiliate manager.  But what does a typical day look like?  What does an affiliate manager actually do?  Read on to … Continued

December 3, 2015
Can You Really Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

By Abad

Can You Really Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

I’m going to share with you a fool-proof plan to make thousands of dollars a month that’s so good even the gurus tried to keep it hidden! Actually, I’m not. But we’ve all seen the outlandish claims like this that promise to tell you how to make millions from doing absolutely nothing. So let’s clear … Continued

November 30, 2015
Performance Marketing Awards

By Abad

Twist360 Shortlisted for Performance Marketing Award

Twist360 has been shortlisted for the Network Innovation Award by the Performance Marketing Awards, the leading and biggest awards ceremony in performance marketing. Established in 2007 and now in its 9th year, the Performance Marketing Awards celebrates the industry’s achievements and successes throughout the year while providing the perfect platform for companies and brands to … Continued

March 5, 2015