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Stop Negative SEO

By Martyn Slack

How to Tackle Negative SEO to Protect Your Affiliate Website

Unfortunately one of the downsides of affiliate marketing can be other affiliates. Even though I’d say 99% of them are great and will be more than willing to help you along, there’s a small percentage who will do everything possible to remove competition. Even to the extent of hacking a website or engaging in some … Continued

November 15, 2018

By Martyn Slack

The Place of Blog Commenting In SEO [Updated October 2018]

Link building is one of the essential cornerstone skills of SEO. Blog post commenting is one of the most well known, and abused, forms of link building and has received much attention from the SEO community (and Google updates) since Google Penguin was released in 2012. Does this mean that blog commenting isn’t part of … Continued

November 14, 2018

By Andrew Slack

How to Recover from a Google Penalty

If you’re in the affiliate marketing industry with a content site then it’s pretty likely that Google organic traffic is the lifeblood of your business. If you notice that your site has had a substantial drop in traffic, chances are you’ve suffered a Google Penalty. A loss in rankings often means an instant loss of … Continued

November 14, 2018

By Josephin Crichton

18 Key Takeaways from our UX & Conversion Optimization Masterclass with Karl Gilis

Always wanted to take the guesswork out of creating and running highly profitable websites? I always did, and that’s why I specialized in conversion rate optimization (CRO) over the years. Here at MoreNiche, we’ve created our own CRO framework, constantly improving and experimenting on our client sites. Conversion Rate Optimisation is, in my opinion, the … Continued

October 29, 2018

By Sally Harwood

The Social Media Trends That Affiliates Should Be Aware Of In 2018

There’s no denying that 2017 was an eventful year, partly due to the way everyone flocked to social media to share their thoughts on everything from Trump’s inauguration to the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 2017 was also a huge year for the way brands interacted with audiences through social media. With plenty … Continued

February 28, 2018

By George Powell

How to Choose Keywords for Adwords and other PPC Platforms

When looking to choose keywords for use across multiple platforms, it is fair to say there is a lot of consistency. So if you follow these guidelines they should typically work on most of the platforms you’ll want to work on. What most keyword experts don’t tell you is that the matching of your keywords … Continued

December 7, 2017

By George Powell

How to Structure your AdWords campaigns

When you first start using AdWords, the layout of the user interface can be a little confusing. While the flexibility of AdWords is one of the reasons it’s such a leader in the industry, this can be a drawback for new users trying to find their way around it. So it’s good to be well-organised … Continued

September 21, 2017
PPC campaign

By George Powell

Using Events and Goals to Track Your Affiliate Links in PPC

Using goals in Analytics allows you to focus your eye on the traffic that generates you revenue and with this guide you will be able to push that information into AdWords so it too can learn. Once AdWords learns what works to generate you more revenue, with proper tracking it can help identify the right … Continued

August 14, 2017
Landing page

By George Powell

Landing page Dos and Don’ts for your PPC Campaign

When you embark on your first PPC campaign, you’ll find that one of the greatest challenges you’ll face is to build a strong landing page that’s compliant, and which also takes into account all the lessons learned over the years by our experts here at MoreNiche. To help you get started, you can take a … Continued

August 10, 2017

By George Powell

Google AdWords Basics for Affiliates: Setting up an Account

This article is going to cover the very basic steps we took to prepare our sites for creating and running Adwords campaigns. It will cover creating all the required Google accounts necessary for your first promotion and to ensure you’re set up to take advantage of all Google’s integrated services. I will also show you … Continued

July 20, 2017