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brand trust

By Sally Harwood

The Importance Of Brand Identity In Affiliate Marketing

At MoreNiche, hundreds of our affiliates have no real ‘brand’ to speak of on their affiliate site. These tend to be our lowest earning affiliates. Top affiliates understand the importance of a good, recognisable logo on their site – and indeed a brand identity for their site as a whole. It’s what sets their sites … Continued

June 12, 2017

By @Frans


Have you ever noticed that even though two brands sell similar products or provide the same service, you seem to relate to one better than the other? This is down to brand personality. What about your own brand? Have you thought about its personality and with whom it resonates most? If you’re reading and this … Continued

March 13, 2017
domain name

By Martyn Slack

Branded VS Generic Domain – Which Is Better?

When it comes to buying a domain name there has been much debate on what is or what is not better. Do you go for a domain that has a brand name in it in an attempt to rank for the brand term or do you go for something a little more generic? Find out … Continued

June 11, 2015