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Web Design

By @Frans


One of the biggest downsides to being an affiliate is that you need to have a broad range of skill sets and you need to frequently acquire new ones as situations change. One such skill is design. You’ll need some basic knowledge in order to create your own banners, but here we’ll focus on quantity … Continued

March 23, 2017
Image Blind

By @Frans

Stock Image Blindness and How to Fight It

As humans our minds don’t like tricks. We get used to tricks pretty easily, meaning they don’t work anymore. There used to be time when we increased CTR on Google Adsense by placing images above it. It worked nicely but in time, it stopped working so well. People were blaming it on different things and … Continued

June 17, 2016
Web Design

By @Frans

Design Trends for Websites in 2016

Today, there are a lot more new things being created every hour – anything from new technological products to cloud services that live inside our phones. These are all constantly evolving so there is no way we can keep up with all of them. Even if we narrow them down to just web design, it’s … Continued

April 25, 2016

By Andrew Slack

10 tips for creating a converting product page for an affiliate site

A recent webinar from Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) in which Siddharth Deswal, senior marketer at VWO took us through an interesting 7 tests of website performance, attracted my attention. Product pages are the most complex as well as the most important category of pages in an online store (or your affiliate review site). As such, … Continued

November 13, 2014