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Web Development

git time lapse

By Arduino Di Giosia

How To Run Your Project in Git Version Control System

Wikipedia’s definition of a VCS (Version Control System) is a bit dry and boring – in fact the whole page is rather nerdy, so I’ll try to sum it up here. Every time you start a project, you spend time on it, and you know better than me that ‘time equals money’. So every project … Continued

June 8, 2017
Web Speed

By Abad

How to Optimise Your WordPress Website for Speed

When it comes to optimising your website, caching can play a big role. Caching can help you reduce the page load and could improve your SEO and conversions just by making your site load faster. We are going to go for a minimal setup that will get you up and running very quickly. First of … Continued

March 9, 2017
Website Construction

By @Frans

How to Build a Basic Responsive Website with Bootstrap 4

It’s pretty hard to be a great affiliate these days because there’s so much you need to know and so many new skills to acquire. This article is for those of you out there who may be struggling to build your first responsive website. A prerequisite for building a basic responsive website is that you … Continued

January 19, 2017