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    Hunger is my major problem and wrecks my dieting attempts, is there any natural way to overcome my hunger?

    Zotrim, supplied in tablet form, has been shown to reduce hunger and lower levels of the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin.  It reduced food intake by almost 20% in a group of young women studied at University of Liverpool.  Another group lost 11 pounds in six weeks when taking Zotrim.  It contains a unique formulation with extracts from three South American plants; yerba mate, guarana and damiana.

    Zotrim is also available as a drink, supplied in powder form (Zotrim Plus).  Additionally, this contains the dietary fibre inulin isolated from chicory.  Inulin is a prebiotic acting as a food for the ‘good’ bugs in our gut.  It has been shown that this contributes to gut health and also benefits hunger control.

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