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    Right now, I’m seeing an efficient way to manage large number of redirects.I am easily able to have thousands people to my site each day. And also, we are using ‘deep links‘ method to multiple products on affiliate sites.

    In order to do the cloaking with those links. they should be located in same/single place. Only 1 php file is serving all the links. For example, if a user is clicking mywebsite1dotcom/outsidelinktomerchant, it will link to a store or a product site. Also, the link will contain a cookie(tell, this link is accessed from our site).

    Daily, we have as many as 500 links on the PHP file and growing rapidly at extreme pace.Make a simple file and use the FTP to edit that file is long task.Even the 2MB file is difficult to handle and during that the links are not working, which result in loss of revenue. It is not clear that using a single file is good for server or not. Maintenance timedown are not taken into account and they will definitely play the rule into the future.

    Method 1:

    See, this is not a good thing and I have to look for an alternative. Having multiple PHP files to house group of links will be the issue. Like if the affiliate have go.php. I will create 5 files (go1.php,go2.php….,go5.php), so load is distributed and at the time, I am editing go1.php rest of the files will not go offline.What do think, how to achieve this? WordPress is there all the time and mySQL is too important for that matter. And if use mySQL for this purpose, it will get slow(which I don’t know). So, it is not a good solution.

    Method 2:

    Another thing, I am thinking about right now is to create affiliates links dynamically. I will be using another PHP file, it will take the product’s url and there will be a code attached to it(which link to affiliate). This way, I will not have to update the links daily. Question is, server will be disturbed or not? See, if you have to do 500 clicks each day.

    Method 3:

    Another solution that I am thinking about is to have the url structure of the pages in the future in ‘product_on_my_site/1’. Then use ‘mod_rewrite’ to map the url to page, such as,

    Rewriterule ^([a-zA-Z0-9_-]*)/([0-9]*)$ index.php?id=$2 [L]

    After that, I will create a database table, which will be simply contains id, url and description. After that, I will make new CRUD to update easily. Inner pages will server as container for the links.

    Which you suppose is best. Or the current system is the best?

    Issue #2: A social help to a NGO

    Right now, I am working with a informative website from a NGO. This NGO wants to earn so that they would able to afford their daily expenditures rather than begging for money each year. As, they were located in the same area as me, they will approached me and I want to help(And I am not taking any money for the matter).

    And we are thinking about having some affiliate links. But the problem is to have different affiliate links on different states/countries/sections of the site. Clear example, page is a directory page,San Antonio city,Texas state, US country. They want to have some hotels, travel tickets, local area events, museums and etc. And also, this NGO does not want to have adsense or similar services (due to various reasons).


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    The best solution is TDS

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