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    Hi There,

    If you are new to MoreNiche, or perhaps new to the forum, or you may just want to re-introduce yourself, this is the place.

    Let me start, I am Andrew Slack (Founder of MoreNiche), you can read more about our timeline here:

    I started MoreNiche many years ago with 3 core values which we still live by today, (1) offer top quality support (2) offers which convert and pay high commissions (3) be ‘affiliate first’ meaning always paying affiliates for EVERY sale!

    I have spent most of my life in Nottingham, where our HQ is but now live in sunny Spain, I focus most of my time on company direction and strategy, pushing the team forward from behind the scenes, we have a FANTASTIC team and one which I am extremely proud of. January 2016 saw the launch of our bonus pool, where by a percentage of profits at the end of each year will get paid directly to the staff. This motivation alongside such a passionate team is resulting in month on month growth for us and we are seeing sales records being broken almost monthly.

    But enough about work, since moving to Spain I have been getting more active, taking up Cycling, Tennis and Golf, alongside that I like to goto the gym and I am currently in the process of a body transformation, hitting the gym 4 times per week and paying close attention to my diet program. I love spending time with my family, my partner, my two dogs and two cats.

    I share my antics on Instagram: and use LinkedIn:

    So, now it’s your turn, tell us all about yourself!

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    Heya, my name is Stanislav Georgiev. I am from Bulgaria but i have lived in the USA for the bigger part of the past 5 years. I have masters in programming and web design (building up experience and imprving skills every day). I heard about MoreNiche during my college years and i always knew i will one day give it a go (party in college more important than work right?). Living in the USA gave me the free time i needed to invest into game development (my second passion) and to finally try out MN. i quickly found out how great it is here and i really want to invest more time and get better. Still tons and tons to learn. My main job in the US was to give web design services to the smallest businesses in NJ with a friend of mine. Managed to build a decent portfolio out of it. Surely a win-win :)

    While in the US, me and my wife adopted a female kitten called Masha. Soon after we found out she had felina leukemia, terrible disease among cats. Doctors told me she cant go outside and she might not make it more than 3 years. She is now almost 3 and thank God she looks pretty well. Poor Masha had to go thru heaven and hell when me and my wife decided to move back to Bulgaria. i couldn’t leave the kitten in the US even if i wanted to since its very contagious to other cats. Went thru so much checkings and paperwork my head still hurts :D

    We now live happily in Bulgaria where i mostly help my father run his work. MoreNiche is one of my favorite things to do and i hope i can invest more and more time into it and learn and improve greatly.

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    @Stancho, your cat is very cute. I had a dog who looked quite like your cat hahaha.

    Its really nice that MoreNichers are animal lovers ♥

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    Hi @stancho thanks for sharing your story. Masha is SO adorable! I have a soft spot for black and white kitties, just like my two! I hope Masha stays healthy and happy for many more years to come :)

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    Andy.. Didn’t realise you had relocated to Spain.. congrats to you both on the move! Hope you enjoy the better weather and lifestyle :)

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    Hello Moreniche,

    I am Ron Oliver Clarin, an Affiliate Marketing Manager (and Founder) of ROC.PH.  I started to work at home job last 2008 at 17 years old(turning 18) and learn a lot from Virtual Assistance, SEO, PPC, Real Estate, Web Development and Graphic Design.

    At 2010, I decided to form a work at home team and worked international and local remote jobs and projects. From ups and down and very focus on my career path and life goals.

    At 2013, When I paid my new property, I started to create an in-house team and learn deeper E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing.

    At 2015, We decided to start the ROC.PH team.

    This year 2016, We decided from work at home team revamped to fully legal digital marketing company.

    Lastly, I managed the new NutriPlan Affiliate Program at Moreniche and we’re exciting to see a good conversion for the first time with them. Normally, I handled other affiliate network campaigns.

    I never had a real love life or equal serious relationship except on working all day and night. :-)

    I don’t like watching TV or talking a lot in person. But, everyone knows I’m virtually talkative.

    I like to going to different food stores and going somewhere I’m not familiar.

    Social Media Accounts:

    If you have questions about GetNutriPlan, email me at

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    Hi Moreniche

    I am Kelvin Onwuharine

    Just made my first commission ever. I will want to continue getting commission but I need help

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    Hi @verokel , congratulations on your first sale!.. I’m Karla, an Affiliate Manager at Moreniche, please feel free to drop me an email with your website’s URL or to see how can I help you improve your sales :)

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    Hey Everyone, I’m Katie. I haven’t been on here for some time. But I decided to give Moreniche another try and this time “work hard” and be “persistent”. I found a bunch of great domains and beautiful themes to buy very soon. And I know more about SEO and how to write better content. And I switched to a better host. So with all that said, things are going to be awesome now! Going to get the ball running Friday. Hope everyone is doing great!! – Katie ;-)

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    Hi Katie (@sweetestkate) welcome back to MoreNiche!

    Do let me know if you would like any affiliate management assistance or simply someone with whom you can bounce some ideas around. The same applies to anyone else reading this of course.

    You can email me at, call on +44 1158 882 854 or Skype rachel.moreniche


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    Hi, my name is Adam, Polish photographer/video editor and sometimes web and graphic designer. I lived in Japan 14 years and now in NL. (3.11 event damaged my house near Tokyo). I was introduced to this side today by friend of mine from London with whom I spoke on Skype about AffMarketing Business. He encouraged me to go through your very good on-line courses and then jump on aff-wagon :) So, here I am.

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    Emily Matthews
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    Hi Adam, Welcome to MoreNiche…it’s great to have you on board :)

    If there’s anything we can help you with feel free to get in touch with one of the team, you can find us on LiveChat, email, phone and Skype ( +44 (0)1158881831 Skype – emilym.moreniche)

    Good luck with everything!

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    Thank you Emily. I will definitely get in touch when I need your help.

    Have a Good Day

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    i am new here and i will hope you all guys will welcome me here!

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    @Fieng1935 Welcome to the forum and the network! :)

    As above feel free to get in touch with any of us if you need any help or advice!

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