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    Hello all affiliates here at Morniche we wanted to reach out and say happy thanksgiving to all regardless of where you are in the world, we wish you all prosperity!

    Now down to business in recent weeks we have had roughly 30+ split tests running and some might have seen a drop in your conversions, since it was a massive test getting ready for 2017 we really have been working at optimization for you the affiliates to get your traffic to convert better.

    Happily I can tell you previous to today we were running in high 40s general morniche affiliate traffic and sometimes seeing even higher which is not good for affs or phen375.  Realize a few days of pain helped us find a very good cure that will more than make up for your discomfort of our test period!
    We concluded the tests, today you should look at your conversions and note average across the board conversion at the time I wrote this draft we were 1/32
    Amazing and that is not all we have found through the testing a way to move the $$$$ amount on sales even though we have lowered product prices and offered discounts, we found a way to get 58.0% Improvement current is $3.18 per click value on our discovery you will see that move to $5.02 per that is massive in our world
    Results from our testing last week original to variant



    Revenue per visitor

    $3.18  variant $5.02

    This is in process of being implemented, in the next few days it will really get even better! As we role out the language variants this variant is on the home page.

    Of phen375 so its currently geoip not every one will see the new version but it will be implemented across the board by the end of next week, Later today the newer version will be fully implemented for usa traffic English, it here by days end USA.
    We have a lot more in store for you all and its good!!! I make you more money and your traffic will convert higher.
    We also have been working on top affiliates referral sites along with Morniche’s help we will be sending out to Morniche the top 40 affiliate sites referrals uls a easy to see improvement list by affiliate ID, Morniche staff will send this to you in an email showing you where your current site is out of date or could use something new you are not currently doing to help your clients make better decisions.

    Major flaws found across majority of referral sites.



    1.     Outdated offers, we see old, old offer 3+1  , our last 6 months we have 3+2 +1 huge difference  for clients,


    2.     Norton shopping guarantee if the client does not get results. Norton will refund their purchase!  Now that is impressive but very few are taking advantage of this.


    3.     Links are broken, links are redirecting 2 , 3 times creating delay for clients


    4.     Affiliate is directing traffic to wrong page, or loop back confusing clients !


    5.     Images are out of date, wrong bottle, wrong offers etc, its amazing , we can bye just a few steps help you make our sites much more profitable in a matter of min , we will make it so simple no matter who you are , its as simple as cutting a piece of cake. You just click update we will even show you where to get the resources to do so .

    6. Images are not linked , client on your site thinking wow clicking thinking the cta is live to discover is just an image no aff link to our site at all in there, clients are on Mobil device , good by they say , so how important is this ? very!
    Now I know we all get complacent, and we all love to think what we have is greatest things since sliced bread and I’m very guilty of this myself, I hate to be criticized the older crew of affs have seem me lash out , and to those who have felt the lash i deeply apologize for poor past behavior , i  feel like TRUMP now looking back , but the realization is the world is changing , clients behavior are changing so we must adapt faster than ever before.
    If by Monday you did not get your email from Morniche please ask your rep and they will resend or have them contact us directly via morniche , All resources will be placed at morniche .
    Time to make your sites preform, many of you have taken on new products and implemented the newer product images wile you left Phen375 as it was back in 2010, seriously  look at what you have , look at what we offer . Money is yours for the taking, we have 45% commission on all sales you send in , resale or sales same deal .
    Ok guys and gals its time to get ready !


    Go Go Go Sell Sell Sell !!!


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    Some very useful info you got there! Thanks John.

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    Look at your EPC to see where you were and where you are now? You should have seen a 30% bump in Phase one ! We have seen this from the Morniche affilates , Phase 2 is coming soon with another nice bump for some lucky affs !


    Go Go Go Sell Sell Sell



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