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    On page optimization suggestions?

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    Typically the same as they have always been;

    • Good use of H Tags
    • Optimised title/description meta tags
    • High quality content 600+ words
    • Mixture of images/videos on content
    • Good internal linking structure

    Don’t over optimise your content. I would always recommend writing your content for your visitor and not for search engines.

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    On page SEO:


    On page SEO refers to changes you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important on page SEO Tips are:


    * Keyword Analysis

    * Content updating

    * Image Optimization

    * URL optimization

    * Meta tag Optimization

    * Heading tag optimization

    * Search Engine optimization

    * Page loading time optimization


    Add a good analytics program like GA or gostats to track the traffic, analytics play an important part in any successful campaigns

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    In my view, SEOers do not concern “high quality content 600+ words”, but the time spending on each post is better than word counts

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    That’s great.

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    Quick note we have see that many even the top affiliates are using very old outdated material what happens to your actual ranking over time?

    Well remember  to think of google protecting its clients, so what are clients really looking for? Relevant content that is current and helpful for there needs , wants or desires ! Note the amount of engagement you have along with other criteria google loves to see loading speed etc , but the rule of being relevant with good content to get clients engagement is very necessary if you intend to succeed . Seems like we need to work in reverse , we need to build the site all the required material and loading speed and the content then get traffic moving our direction so its a process of many many things and takes time and careful thought and lastly you need to maintain it , schedule time ever week to go over your site to ensure its current . watch your analytical data to see if you are becoming more or less relevant.

    If your clients are spending time on your pages reading the material its measured and since google is a massive data collections search engine artificial intelligence it is simply getting smarter and smarter you need to make sure you get people to stay a wile and enjoy and then click on someting that will make  you $$$$$$ so you can keep the lights on.

    Easiest way to have success is thinking long term cfs2012 info is correct as well as Martins its great for aff staring out and also affs who need to go back and see just how they measure up against the crowd.

    Think long term, but pick what is ripe low hanging fruit now , get all you can into your basket then plan how to get the other fruit that is a bit harder and not quite mature and you will make it .

    Happy holidays to all!!!!

    Go Go Go Sell Sell Sell


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