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Interest & Passion (Preview)

When choosing your first niche, the important things to ask yourself are:

  • Does it interest you?
  • Can you relate to the audience?
  • Do you have a different view/angle?
  • Can you add value?

You should realise by now that success in affiliate marketing rarely happens overnight. It takes time, dedication and a passion for what you are doing, or at least what it can provide for you (money, freedom, and flexibility).

You are much more likely to succeed in affiliate marketing if you choose a niche you are interested in/ have a passion for or have prior knowledge of.

You will be spending a large amount of time, reading, researching and writing about the subject. This would be much more fun if you were interested in the subject right? Right.

Once you are more established and have gained knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing, you can then branch out into other niches.

So for now, what do you want to write about? Because I bet there is an affiliate program for it.